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Health Care Systems

No description

Ahmed Raza

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Health Care Systems

United States of America Canada Pros Cons Consumers have to pay taxes
High income earners have to pay higher Taxes Pros Access to hospitals, dental surgery and additional medical services Cons The government-provided health insurance costs is lower Universal Healthcare System Technology in healthcare Digital Healthcare Middle class people don't have to pay high taxes
Families with more children get covered by rich people Female life expectancy is 81 years old, for male it is 76 years old The average life expectancy in America overall is 78 years old Medicare program provides U.S territories with free health care which is tax funded 75% of Americans can not afford to pay for health insurance 17% of Americans do not have health insurance The U.S spends at least 40% more per capita on healthcare Free health care is not really free since its tax funded Costs are slowly increasing and are unaffordable by businesses eHealth Drug Profile Program Overall the U.S is ranked 37 world wide based on its Healthcare system Although the U.S provides universal health care, which they say "free healthcare." It isn't really free since its tax funded. This image above shows how costs rise and it soon becomes unaffordable to pay for businesses and individuals. India Agriculture Economy Military Health Education 15 August, 1947 Services that United States provides in Healthcare Nursing and residential care facilities The United States spent $190 billion on nursing and residential facilities Approximately, the US has 16,000 nursing homes with over 1.7 million beds The US has more than 5,000 hospitals with over 1,000 specialists to look after specific patients and diseases United States Medical Technology Industry Surgical Appliances and Supplies Electro-Medical Equipment Dental Equipment and Supplies Surgical and Medical Instruments Pacemaker MRI Machine Patient Monitoring Machine Orthopedic Instruments Blood Transfusion Device Syringes Surgical Dressings Surgical Kits Wheel Chairs Dental Instruments Dental Chairs Dental Drills and other Tools Surgical and Medical Instruments Electro-Medical Equipment Surgical Appliances and Supplies Dental Equipment and Supplies Healthcare system Similarities in Health Care systems Adopted in 1982 Importance Scale Health Care Insurance Government of India Universal Health Care PROS 30 % 70 % Cons Below Poverty line and no technology Tackling the problem Health Care Systems Around the world Brought to you by: Muhammad, Clarence and Ahmed A.K.A = RESISTANCE CANADA United States of America So what's the big picture? You've been a great audience Accurate Diagnosis Faster Cures Save Money Lose Money Designing and planning
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