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Researching for your assignment-pre workshop material

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Transcript of Researching for your assignment-pre workshop material

Deakin University Library
Researching for your assignment
Where to start in your search for quality information:
To make searching even easier the Library has a single search box. It's very similar to common search engines such as Google.
The Library catalogue
Down the left hand side of your results screen you have options to further refine your searching. These include limiting your results to a:
- specific source types (journals, book, e-books, DVD's, etc),
- campus location (Geelong, Melbourne, etc.)
- range of years of publication (useful if you only want current information)
- and more...

Using limiters such as these can reduce the amount of time you spend sifting through the results to find resources for your assignments.
Refining your results
Library website:


Help with digital literacy:


Liaison Librarian:

For more help:
This material will cover:
Deakin University Library catalogue
Library resource guides
Digital Literacy tutorials
To succeed at university, you will need to use quality information sources to support you in writing your assignments.
Enter a title / keyword / subject into the search box and click the 'Search' button.
This will produce a list of books, DVD's, journal titles and journal articles.
There are two ways of searching the Deakin University Library catalogue:
1. Search
Library resource guides
These websites have been created to highlight key resources specific to each subject area.

Resources include:
- Books and e-books
- Journals and databases
- Images and streaming videos (Multimedia)
- Websites (government, company, industry, etc.)

For a full list of available see:
The Library has developed a series of short interactive tutorials designed to build your digital literacy skills and self assess your learning through quizzes and activities.

Improve your digital literacy
image by pigeonpie on flickr
image by smwright on flickr
2. More options
Click more options and use the options to narrow your search
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