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EXERCISES: UNITS 12 & 13 (A05)

Tomek M. (A05)

Emperatriz Angulo

on 16 May 2018

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Transcript of EXERCISES: UNITS 12 & 13 (A05)

1- I love the Mona Lisa painting , _____ is over 100 million euros.
2- My dad _______ is a great entrepreneur.
3- There were many people at the party _____ I met two weeks
4- These soccer players , ________stories I will never forget , are
from our country.
5- Mary , ______ I talked on the phone last night , is an incredible
a) which is valued
b) which valued
c) the value of which
a) to who I never listen
b) , to whom I never listen ,
c) who I never listen
a) of whom few
b) , few of whom
c) few of whom
a) which
b) all of whose
c) all of whom
a) which
b) whom
6- My teacher is a person _____ joking all
the time.
a) whom enjoys
b) who enjoys
c) that she enjoys
7- Steven Spielberg , _______ is the famous
director of the Schindler's list , belongs to
a Jewish family.
a) that
b) which
c) who
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