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Hey there, would you like to talk about Homestuck?

Magical Allie Cat

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of HOMESTUCK

The End Bibliography Summary The Cons The Pros The Basic Story What in the universe is Homestuck?!?! By now you must probably be wondering... By: Alexandra Darlak Welcome to my prezi about HOMESTUCK! Now before you get scared away by the candy corn horns, grey painted people and their black lip stick,..... Let me tell you a little bit about what all this madness is before rushing into its pros and cons~ The first thing I would like to call to your attention is that Homestuck is not an anime/manga or any other thing related to japanese culture
Homestuck is an interactive webcomic that is majorly made up of gifs and lots and lots of colored text conversations
Homestuck takes place in a complex fictional universe with plenty of time travel shenanigans, mysteries and frequent references to pop culture
Homestuck was created by a Fabulous man named Andrew Hussie (AS SEEN HERE) ==>

Who started Homestuck April 14th 2009
Though Homestuck, as I said, is considered a webcomic, it really can't be stuck in just that category, if you decided to read it you would be surprised how Homestuck really isn't one. Homestuck is so much more!
Homestuck at parts can be considered:
-A novel
-A game
-A movie flash
-A song
-And a HUGE fandom More things-
Homestucks are all over and everywhere
there are so many of us and when we team up we get down to business-
Andrew Hussie launched a kickstarer for a starting of some sort of game (? we don't really know even yet) that will come out in 2014, the goal was 700,000 dollars
Homestucks not only reached that goal in less then 32 hours we as well ended up with........ WOW...THATS A LOT OF MONEY===> This just goes to show that people are pretty serious about this fandom... and we are awesome! Homestuck starts off with this kid ==> John Egbert Who along with three other internet friends Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley

start a game that ends up sending a meteor shower to earth and destroying the world! Throughout their journey they become enemies and eventually friends with 12 trolls, who recently played this same game right before them…

Earth and the stars were created by the trolls as a prize for just barely winning this game and right before they got to claim it- our four kids ruin everything for them! The game disk gets scratched (I’ll leave you to figure out how) and they accidently create an unbeatable enemy, who, through timeline shenanigans ends up also destroying the trolls and their game session. Look at this...He will destroy everything you love... Now the trolls must hide somewhere up in space, watching the humans from the future, messaging them along the way, knowing that whatever they do, they can’t stop this inevitable mess up. But then story digresses to focus on the trolls and their flaws and things you never saw coming… Karkat Vantas who is leader of the trolls session--- even though he has major self-loathing issues and is the lowest ranked among trolls by having a mutant blood color--- was such a good leader, that when the game, in the beginning separated the trolls in to two teams, red and blue, he got the two teams to work together and then much later, right when everyone is going crazy and dying, one troll finaly realizes something very important too late...

That Karkat is such a good leader
everybody working together is what actually is making them fail all along! If they had just done what was normal for troll custom and killed each other off then maybe, as strange as it may seem everybody could have reached god tier and lived! Instead of all working and all failing together… Since the whole "killing but living" probably didnt make any sense let me explain one thing.
((god tier- when a player dies on their quest bed they will reach god tier, which is a level up to their highest power while obtaining awesome pajamas)) wow cool! That dude is so awesome! OMG! Look at them all! Now as mentioned before, the game is scratched--- turning their whole existence just to be a glitch
Now trolls and humans alike are trapped in this broken game and now they must realized this isen’t a game they play but a game where they survive. Their goal is no longer to win, but a suicide mission to mess the game up as much as possible! One last thing I will mention is that when each player goes to sleep, if truly focused can wake up as their dreamself on either one of the two moons, Prospit or Derse

If they have discovered their dreamself and get killed, then kissed by somebody right after they will wake up on whatever moon their dreamself belongs to as sort of an extra life. But things really get bad when Jack Noir, the villain, completely destroys each moon, killing all dreamselves so now when any character goes to sleep, if they can embrace the horrorterrors, they can explore things called dream bubbles where they can meet themselves from doomed time lines and alternate versions of themselves from other doomed universes ----allowing more characters to get introduced! To sum it all up Homestuck is crazy and impossible to explain and even all this is just slightly brushing on the whole topic….Nobody has truly succeeded in the perfect summary and even the own author has trouble recapping each act without typing a novel…in the end if you really want to know what it’s about the best way to do so is to start the adventure yourself!!! The first con that instantly catches peoples attention is...
I mean seriously what is this?!?!?!
Where are his arms?
How could this possibly be what this entire fandom revolves around?

How do these people get ==>

But this is the cold hard truth…
this is what we cry over
and sing/draw/write about
this is what keeps us awake at night waiting for the next update…..
and this.....THIS IS A CYLINDER WITH A HEAD! The first page of Homestuck==> THIS TO THAT? The secound con is also something that's regaurding art, mainly character desgin... Here are four entirely DIFFERENT characters... Homestuckers will get mad if you can't tell them apart... Another con that some might find migraine inducing are the typing quirks...
Trolls type with "quirks" and each character has a different color for example:
2ome troll2 may type liike thii2 two briing out theiir iinner zodiiac
w)(ale and fin-aly my favorite, i s)(rimply codn't leave t)(is one out! glub! since s)(es got wickedly
T-ERRIFYING fis)( puns
SoMe pEoPlE FiNd tHiS HaRd tO PuT Up wItH The last thing to point out is that
people get frustrated!!!!- homestuck has been said to be the Ulysses (a book by James Joyce) of the internet
there are so many plot twists
timeline jumping
favorite characters dying
and sinking ships
you need copious amounts of will power to get through act one, act one should be a con in itself. Its like the first couple chapters of the first Harry Potter book, most people put the book down before getting to the good stuff So I will admit my initial reaction when I first started out reading homestuck I was pretty much like, “Wow, okay there is waaaaay too much reading going on here. This isn’t even a comic, THIS ISENT EVEN ART! Come on, I can draw a better comic anytime!”
But then suddenly you hit act five and it completely takes over your life! You find yourself falling in love with all the characters and doodles of everyone start to pop up on all your papers... I know I had a lot of bad things to say about the art but there are some pros! Something that most people don’t get is, even though you’re stuck with these little cylinder children- it’s really your own imagination that gives these characters life-
This is why there are MASSIVE amounts of fan art for homestuck
Everyone has a different way to view the characters! And throughout the actual story story on rare occasions the art does improve.... The thing that impresses me the most about Homestuck is that there are so many characters you think it would be overwhelming, but each has their own unique and hilarious personality that makes each creature stand out. They all have their problems, and though some might be exaggerated to the extremes, you will find that there are many of the characters that you can relate to. And once you find your own connection to the story you will be laughing, tearing up, and face palming along with the characters throughout their adventure. The effect homestuck has on people is cool~
Homestuck is a great thing to have in common with someone. You will find it leads to endless amounts of conversations, so basically when you are with a group of homestuckers there are never any awkward silences. Plus it’s a great way to make friends, when a homestucker meets another homestucker for the first time, it’s no quiet event. The majority of people in this fandom are always very fun, creative and easy to get along with, I have yet to meet a homestucker with a bad attitude. Another interesting thing about homestuck is, is that anybody can influence what Andrew Hussie is going to do next. Sometimes things get popular among the fans, or characters are created that everyone would like to see be canon (canon- in the actual story), even little romances among characters are determined by crazy fangirls/boys. (Though let this be said that also Hussie sees these things we like and also purposely adds bad things to make the fans angry)

Examples of fan influences: Pantskat- fans pointed out in this one panel of Homestuck that Karkat looked like he was a head on a pair of pants---this for some reason blew up pretty big... The next charater related to Karkat that gets introduced in the comic wears hiked up pants Kankri ==> I'm not so sure how March Eridan started but its come a long way and somehow made it officially into Homestuck in a recent update. March Eridan ==> normal Eridan ==> •Homestuck is still on-going
•And updates a couple pages almost every night
•As of right now there is exactly 5627 pages of Homestuck
The story of Homestuck might start of a bit slow and very confusing and not worth your while, but if you drop out too early you would be leaving yourself with a bitter taste in your mouth to anything regarding Homestuck. The challenge of the story is what makes people want to stick with it. Every timeline, favorite characters death and plot twist that makes us ball our fists with anger is what keeps us looking for an update. We want to see how this is going to end. Though the first couple acts might be a task to get through, once you find yourself just slightly understanding the game, you constantly strive to learn more.

I recommend Homestuck to anybody with spare time (since your 5627 pages away from the newest update), and a taste for a totally unique and challenging adventure.
After reading Homestuck I look at the things around me with a new light. I have found the whole experience enjoyable and have gained plenty of new friends since I started; it was a major creativity boost and got me drawing again. Though we may really be just a bunch of nerds, at least we are enjoying every second of it.
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