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Music in Mexico

AVCS Productions

Allison Stump

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Music in Mexico

AVCS Productions Music in Mexico We had to choose between Spain and Mexico.
Both countries have large populations, but Mexico's was bigger and has more potential for a new company like ours. The Process of Elimination We chose to have our company in Mexico because of its growing economy. We chose Mexico because there is a large population of people to help bring in business.
We chose to put our company in a major city because it would bring in more business than it would if we had it in a rural area.
After researching, we concluded that Mexico City would be a great place to find opportunities for new business, especially because of the various live musicians that play there. The Mexican culture will deeply influence our music productions.
Mexicans have a deep appreciation for music because they can express themselves through dancing, singing, and making songs.
We used this knowledge to help our decision on the location of our company. AVCS productions is based on producing music.
Our company will produce a variety of genres of music. Mexican culture contributed many things to the United State's culture, including fine arts, sports, cuisine, language, and politics.

Music has always been a popular source of entertainment in Mexico.
This is another reason to support our recommendation for having a music producing company in Mexico. Eyewitness Travel Mexico (book)
http://library.thinkquest.org/C008371 Resources Music Culture History Location Economy http://www.jamstudio.com/Studio/index.htm The Product The Game
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