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Copy of albertanow+24

grade 4 social projectj

kyle s

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Copy of albertanow+24

alberta Hey Edmonton and Calgary are to different city. stampede city and festival city. Let me tell you abut Edmonton’s LRT sytem. IT is under grand and Calgary’s LRT is above grand. They both have NHL teams and CFL teams. Edmonton and Calgary is going to host the world juniors.
Edmonton has a BMX track it tickets cost $30 LRT

Edmonton has mane hockey teams
Oilers and teams Canada Edmonton has a pro NHL hockey teams
Tickets cost $60
Edmonton has pro football teams. tickets cost $80 Canada Edmonton has a BMX track it tickets cost $30 Banff Banff has a grate
view. For the people that
like the mountains. Jasper Jasper is a good
placeto camp and rest. Edmonton calgary Peopla like to go
to alberta to hick.
And look at the lacks. Edmonton Calgary Deer Fox Deer are all a rand the wrold. Deer like
to eat grass
and blue beres Gopher live underground to sta worm Ducks squirrel Horses Edmonton and Calgary Map of Alberta Me at West Edmonton waterpark A L B E R T A When you go to Banff.
Skiing the cher lift is 10
mints. Hawks are living in alberta they M
S His is Calgary Festival This is two men hunting a
Elk This is 2 Bears riding a horses The Edmonton oilrs have 5 oilrsstanley cup Calgary has 1 stanley cup Rexall Place Rexall place. You
can go to see a lot
of stuff. Rodeo Curling Monster trucks singing And the one evreone loves
hockey!!!!!!!! crkis Edmonton Calgary This is Jasper national park
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