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IB Language A: Language and Literature course outline

No description

Paul Maullin

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of IB Language A: Language and Literature course outline

Texts will be chosen from a variety of sources and media including
Books- Film-TV-Video Games-Biography-Travel Brochures-Graphic Novels-Poetry-Blogs-Internet-Diagrams-Photographs and more Part 1: Language in cultural Context Grade 11 Semester 1 The power of the media in our lives
Texts will be chosen from a range of media genres
and sources Part 2: Language and Mass Communication
Grade 12 -Semester 1 SL: two texts, one of which will be a text in translation(PLT) and one in English (PLA)
HL: Three texts, same as above plus one other Part 3: Literature -texts and contexts
Grade 12 - Semester 2 SL: Two texts, both from PLA in English
HL: As above plus one more from PLA Part 4: Literature -Critical study
Grade 11 -Semester 2 Assessment SL HL External Assessment Paper 1 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Internal Assessment Paper 2 Written Task Individual Oral Commentary Further Orals Textual analysis (90 min) analyse 2 unseen texts Essay (90 min)
Based on texts studied in part 3 Produce Three written tasks and submit one for external assessment (1300 words) Students complete a timed oral commentary on a text from Part 4 Students complete at least Two more oral tasks. One from Part 1 and one from Part 2.
One submitted for final assessment Comparative analysis Same as SL but different assessment criteria Four written tasks, and TWO for external assessment Same as SL Same as SL Language A: Language and Literature Course Outline Kafka Hamlet Graphic Novel Infographics Travel Brochures Cartoons Advertising Mobile Life Persuasion Media Politics Visual Media
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