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push and pull factors of exploration

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jada dosenberger

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of push and pull factors of exploration

Push and Pull Factors of Exploration
New Route to Asia
They wanted a less dangerous sea route to Asia to obtain the goods.(tea, spices, silk, porcelain, and gems)
They wanted to lay claim to land. ( more land = more power)
Fame and Fortune
push factor
If you as an explorer found something important, you would become rich and famous.
New Technology
They need a compass, astrolabe, and improved ships to reach their destination.
Pull factor
influences people to migrate/move to a certain country.
Push factor
pushes explorers to leave their homelands.
push and pull factor
push factor
push factor
(push factor)Explorers wanted to further explore to find out what else was out there.
push factor
(push factor)people wanted to convert everyone to believe in god so they could go to heaven (pull factor)wanted to convert the natives in new world to believe in god.
push and pull factor
Improved their technology so it was faster and safer to reach their destination.
The Portuguese traveled around Africa to Asia to obtain the goods and wouldn't let anyone else through so everyone had to find a new route.
pull factor) Wanted to further explore the new world to see what else it could offer
England was an imperialism country it took over land and had lots of power.
Christopher Columbus found gold on his expedition and became rich.
They wanted to use the natural resources in their claimed colonies to make them money.
push factor
They could sell fish or goods they brought from Asia to make more money.( pelts,fish and wood)
Unclaimed Land
More new land for a home country= more power.
pull factor
Because of the demand for beaver pelts in Europe the prices went up lots.
pull factor
Fishing boat came here and spake of scooping up yummy tasting cod by the bucket full.

The fish in the new world tasted better than in Europe so they sent fishing boats over to get cod.

pull factors
Once they found the new world everyone wanted to claim land for their homeland.
Beaver pelts were he new fashion craze in Europe and there were lots of beavers in the new world.
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