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Scott Hunter Case Study

No description

Emily Bair

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Scott Hunter Case Study

Design and develop a training program for vehicle delivery specialists for the American brand.
The Potential Solutions
use existing training modules & online assessment developed for sales consultants for the vehicle delivery specialists
modify the luxury brand training to meet the needs of the American brand
The Constraints
limited time
low budget
international differences
requirements for personal development plan
Block Exemption Regulations (BER)
luxury brand differences
paper-based vs. computerized
changes in personnel
competition to develop training
potential cheating
The ID Challenge
Constraint: Time & Budget
Adapting the existing training modules for the sales consultants will save valuable time and money. The training is already made, so Scott and his team have already saved the time required to make new and the money required to pay for making training and developing materials.
Constraint: International & Brand Differences
Although not everything fits perfectly from the luxury brand to the American brand, the training can be adapted to fit the needs. The material for vehicle delivery specialists will be mostly the same since the job is very similar to that of sales consultants. They will also have to add a plan for self-improvement, but even that will take less time than starting from scratch.
Constraints: International & Brand Differences
The luxury brand does not currently have a training for the VPS role, so this will benefit both organizations.
Constraints: Time & Budget
Since the luxury brand already has much of these training needs in place, Scott and his team will save valuable time and money on creating new. They will still have to conduct a needs analysis for VPS positions, but that can be done quickly and with little cost to the company.
Scott Hunter Case Study
Examining the First Solution
Examining the Second Solution
Scott Hunter Case Study
All solutions presented in case study vary case by case. Two instructional designers might have the same (or very similar) ID challenge but will approach their project differently, depending on the case-specific constraints. In this presentation, I will explain how the solutions offered in the Scott Hunter case are related to the case constraints.
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