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Copy of Macbeth Act V group prezi

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Melissa Bruna

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Macbeth Act V group prezi

Macbeth: Act V

Said by Lady Macbeth
In this scene, Lady Macbeth found out King Duncan will be staying the night at her house
Lady Macbeth asks a higher power to take away all her femininity and replace it with masculinity
Lady Macbeth has a plan, but fears her husband is too “soft” to fulfill the plan
Said by the witches
Looks can be deceiving
"Don’t judge a book by its cover"
The Witches are foreshadowing that someone or something will be falsely represented
“Your hand, your tongue; look like the innocent flower,
But be the serpent under’t’’ (I.vi.75-76)
"Fair is foul, and foul is fair."
Jane R.
Stephanie A.
Ezra C.
Jacob H.
Jeffrey Y.

Said by Macbeth
• This is said right after Macbeth finds out about his wife being killed
• Saying that his life is empty "shadow" and has no meaning
• Life ends for all people
Said by Lady Macbeth
Lady Macbeth is afraid that Macbeth won’t kill Duncan because he is too kind
Lady Macbeth has more courage and is more evil than Macbeth
Macbeth is too admirable to commit such an action
"Yet do I fear thy nature.
It is full o’ the milk of human kindness...”
Tyranny in North Korea
• After Japan surrendered, Korea became independent once again.
• In north, Soviet Union’s Red Army entered Pyongyang, while U.S army occupied the south.
• Soviet Union installed Kim Ill Sung, the first North Korea leader, as a head of the Provisional People’s Committee.
• Once he seized control, he triggered Korean War and started his own tyrannical policy.

Said by Macbeth
Wolves kill and feel no shame
Wolves have a battle cry and feel great excitement in anticipation of a kill
Macbeth is envious of the wild beasts
Macbeth wants to be able to kill without feeling any guilt
“It is bloody business which informs thus to mine eyes…the wolf, who howl’s his match, thus with his steady pace..."
Macbeth vs Tyranny in North Korea
Discussion Question
Name an example of "fair is foul and foul is fair" in real life.
Human Kindness
Discussion Question
Discussion Question
Why would being "unsexed" benefit Lady Macbeth in her evil plans?
“Come you spirits, that tend on mortal thoughts unsex me here”
Is it cowardly for Macbeth to feel guilty about killing King Duncan or should it be seen as an act of masculinity?
Act 5: Discussion Question
By staying at his palace, and waiting for the English to attack, Macbeth almost guaranteed the death of himself and his men.
Do you believe this was a noble and honorable death? (suicide by army)
Do you think it was irrational and irresponsible?
(Because of his stubbornness, Macbeth allowed his men to march to their death)
Discussion Question
Scene 1
"Out, Out, brief candle!
Life’s but a shadow….”
“Here’s the smell of the blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. O, O, O!”
Do you think having more masculinity helps to commit acts of violence?
Scene 1
• Doctor and Gentlewomen watch Lady Macbeth sleep walk
• Lady Macbeth talks about King’s murder
• Doctor cannot cure Lady Macbeth’s case

• Angus, Lennox, and soldiers enter
• Men prepare for battle, doubt Macbeth, and behave like rebels
• Scottish people believe tyrant is going mad, and Macbeth is not feeling the power of a king
• Men decide to fight for Malcolm

• English army and Scotland traitors enter
• Malcolm tells soldiers to hold up branches to trick Macbeth’s spies
• Macbeth’s army has no pride or will to fight

• Malcolm, Macduff, Siward, and English army enter
• Siward and son will lead first attack and Malcolm and Macduff will do the rest

• Macbeth enters battle and encounters young Siward
• Macbeth slays young Siward and is trapped in war
• Macduff wants to kill Macbeth and English army is about to win war
• Macbeth wants to keep fighting and not commit suicide

• Macbeth and Macduff meet and Macduff says he is not born of a women
• Macbeth has no more hope and is scared to fight/Macbeth fights to the death
• Ross tells Siward his son died in battle, and Siward says at least his son died as a man
• Macduff holds Macbeth’s head and tells Malcom he is now king
• Malcolm says thanes and kinsman shall be earls
• Everyone is invited to see Malcolm crowned at Scone
Scene 2
Condition in North Korea
Purge anyone who disobey him

Create a Region of Terror

Selfish character

“Axis of Evil”

Military Dictatorship
Stated by Lady Macbeth when a doctor and a gentlewomen watch Lady Macbeth sleep walk
King Duncan’s blood will never leave Lady Macbeth
Nothing can take away the presence of the King’s blood Lady Macbeth’s heart will never be pure
The End
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7
Scene 8

• Macbeth, the doctor, and Macbeth’s attendants enter
• Macbeth is in Dunsinane and does not fear prophesy
• Servant tells Macbeth enemies are approaching and Macbeth asks servant why he is scared
• Macbeth tells Seyton to prepare him for war and tells Doctor to heal wife and find a medication for Scotland.

• Macbeth, Seyton, and his army in Dunsinane enter
• Macbeth is confident and will stay in castle until enemies die
• Women screams and Macbeth is not scared
• Seyton says Lady Macbeth is dead and Macbeth says she would have later died
• Messenger tells Macbeth great Birnam Wood is moving
• Nothing to do now but fight/prophecy is coming true

Discussion Question
Do you think Macbeth was actually remorseful about his wife dying?
Discussion Question
Do you think the doctor and gentlewoman understood what Lady Macbeth was saying in her sleep?
"We have scotched the snake, not killed it."
Said by Macbeth
said after Macbeth murders Duncan
Macbeth is fearful of Banquo because of the witches' prophecy
2/3 of the prophecy had already come true, so Macbeth trust the witches at this point
Discussion Question
Do you think Macbeth is right to be paranoid about Banquo?
"Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?"
Said by Macbeth
Shows Macbeth's guilt after killing Duncan
There is blood on his hands, he can't wipe it off no matter how much water he uses
Neptune = Poseidon of Roman mythology, god of the sea
Discussion Question
Do you think Macbeth should feel this guilty about the murder?
Macbeth Act V and Recap
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