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Daniel Mezhibovski

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of OIL SPILLS

OK this is a PIE chart showing the
causes of the most oil spills. U MAD? it's the end... Imagine yourself as a killer whale. You are swimming around when you decide to stick your head out of the water to take a breath. As you are taking a breath, you see a large stream of thick black oil heading your way. You go back under water only to find other animals dying one by one because the oil is damaging their bodies.
This is the way some animals must die in the ocean. They die because of an oil spill occurring in their habitat OIL SPILLS By Daniel, Ayush, and Michael Oil spills may not be very common, but when it does happen, it can be very devastating. Oil spreads through the water, and can affect any living things that live in different oceans. An oil spill is a release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbon (oil) into the sea/ocean. Since
it is done by human activity it is a form of pollution. Our environmental issue is OIL SPILLS POSITIVE
EFFECTS some negative effects of oil spills is that the oil can cause harm to sea life and birds. Oil gets caught inside animal fur and bird's feathers, making the animal unable to fly, or maintain body temperature. OIL I luv Bacon i LUV SPICY
CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP Nearly 85 percent of the 29 million gallons of petroleum that enter North American ocean waters each year as a result of human activities comes from land-based runoff, polluted rivers, airplanes, and small boats and jet skis, while less than 8 percent comes from tanker or pipeline spills. Priority? Do you think that oil spills aren't a big deal? ITOPF (The International Owners Pollution Federation Limited) is group of people that have watched over and record the info about oil spills that were caused by accident since 1970. The data they have includes the type of oil spilled, the spill amount, the cause and location of the incident and the ship involved. For some reason spills are generally categorized by size:<7 tonnes, 7-700 tonnes and >700 tonnes. some positive effects of oil spills is that a large number of organisms actually use the oil for food, and are in turn supplying food to the rest of the food chain. Oil spills also help make the general public aware of the devastation of them. YOU'RE WRONG Some ways to prevent oil spills are:
1) Stop driving, America's top oil need is automobility. If we stop driving we wont need more oil sent to us.
2) The designers of the vessel are also a large component of the issue. some thing they can do are inspect for leaks each year and instal an oil safey valve to the supply line of the heating system. THE END These methods are important to use, and for every spill the government spends millions of dollars cleaning it up.(Now remember the dept) Question:
What do you think causes oil spills? Picture Time(Hammer time tune) Resolution? Is this a priority for the goverment?
No, you have seen the graph which shows the rate of oil spills have gone down in the recent years, therefore its not something that many people can stop (most causes are unknown.) The government in 2010 were mobilized on the oil spill issue. Is this a priority? No because you can't really prevent it. (there are little ways but not to very impacting.) The government needs to focus more on poverty, obesity on other issues.
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