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CFT Overview Summer 2016

No description

Derek Bruff

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of CFT Overview Summer 2016

Derek Bruff
Rhett McDaniel
Educational Technologist
Joe Bandy
Assistant Director
Cynthia Brame
Assistant Director
Stacey Johnson
Assistant Director
Teaching Assistant Orientation
New Faculty Orientation
Tracy Tveit
Program Coordinator
Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching

The CFT enhances the
student learning experience
by helping instructors develop and refine foundational teaching skills and explore new teaching practices.
Teaching Consultations
Course & Syllabus Design
Mid-Semester Feedback
Classroom Observation
Workshops & Events
Online Resources
Over 70 literature-based teaching guides!
The CFT fosters innovative and effective use of
educational technologies
by supporting instructors as they incorporate both new and established technologies in their teaching.
Blended and Online Learning Design (BOLD) Fellows
Email Support
Drop-In Hours
On-Demand Resources
The CFT hosts and facilitates
cross-campus conversations
that engage faculty, staff, and students.
Learning Communities
The CFT strengthens
graduate education
by providing professional development for students planning academic careers that involve teaching.
STEM Teaching MOOCs
Vivian Finch
Assistant Director
Juliet Traub
Administrative Assistant
Lee Scarborough
Instructional Technologist
Ashley Burton
Instructional Technologist
Course Design Institute
Teaching and Social Class
Lab Pedagogies
Language Coordinators
Brandon Crawford
Instructional Technologist
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