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Reasons contributing to low voter turnout

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Nicholas Cole

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Reasons contributing to low voter turnout

By: Nicholas Cole
Higher level of income = more likely to vote
Civic Attitudes
Some people are apathetic: lack interest in politics
Politic Interest and Party Identification
People with strong interests in politics are more likely to vote
Reasons contributing to low voter turnout
Broken Down Into Four Basic Patterns
They all contribute to make U.S. lowest among global democracies in voter participation
Education and Income
Financial resources and communication skills
Americans with college degree or high income 50% more likely to vote in presidential elections
European lower class: more likely to participate because of class based organizations
Americans with low income are affected by registration costs
Emphasized by local and state elections
Young adults often change residents and must re-register
Young adults- much less likely to vote than older citizens
Others feel alienation: powerlessness rooted in the belief that the government does not pay attention to their interests
These attributes are commonly passed down from parents
Alienation: childhood and adult roots
People who are loyal to a political party also have a higher voting rate
When people belong to a party, they understand the topics being debated and can more easily make decisions
Effects of Non-Voting
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