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Spiral Dynamics

No description

Hannah Leeman

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Spiral Dynamics

Beige Meme
Purple Meme
Red Meme
Blue Meme

Orange Meme
Green Meme
Yellow Meme
Turquoise Meme
Spiral Dynamics
What is Spiral Dynamics?
Spiral Dynamics is a theory of human development. It argues that humans are able to adapt to their environment by constructing models of the world around that allows them to handle new problems. These models are represented by memes with individualized core values and collective intelligences. Each meme was given a colour which represents the life conditions and mental capabilities of that meme. Individuals and cultures do not directly fall under one meme; instead they embody a mixture of the colours, at all different intensities. Spiral Dynamics is not a hierarchy; higher stages of development are not to be seen as "better" but as different. There are an infinite amount of stages in human development, It depends on life circumstances of the person or culture to dictate what meme(s) they fall under, The memes are constantly changing. So the question is what is next for human development?
There are 8 memes seen today, let's learn more about them...
Click Here to watch the trailer for "The Croods", the 2012 prehistoric hit!
Hannah Leeman
Second Tier: "Being" vauleMemes
First Tier: "Subsistence" valueMemes
Click here to watch the greatest teenage rebellious movie ever... The Breakfast Club!
Survival Of the Fittest- Darwin
Strength in numbers!
Obey your elders!
"I don't care what others think about me!"
Click here to watch my favourite video on Canadian patriotism!
"Equality for all!"
Leaders In Their Field!
Right vs Wrong
Success and Achievement
Global Community
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