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Best job and Career

No description

Sand Vamasiri

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Best job and Career

Best Jobs and Careers A Lawyer I have always wanted to be a lawyer
in the future as it is very suitable for me I like argueing and i think that i like
it as evry argument i have i have always
used what i know and the proof I like being a crime lawyer as it
facinates me to solve and investigate problems. I only argue for the right of
anyone who deverves to be free from any crime which they did not do. Plans i have already made My aim is Harvard university
the best law school. A Swimmer Confident speaking. Confident swimmer Swimming is very important Been swimming for 3 years i this sports seems
quite popular. Been to competitions
i like racing with others. Improvements My strokes on butterfly
and breastroke My time By:Sand But sometimes i am bad at The swimmers from olympics Wanted to be just like them
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