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Copy of Digital and Information Literacy Curriculum Mapping - a stratagem for collaboration

The steps and process taken to develop a whole school Digital and information literacy curriculum to include principles of an IB school, blooms taxonomy and learning strategies.

Sue Gough

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Digital and Information Literacy Curriculum Mapping - a stratagem for collaboration

Digital and Information Literacy Curriculum Mapping a stratagem for collaboration What did we
want to achieve? Why was it
important? What was already
available? What do we need
to include in the document? What standards
would we use? How would it be formatted? Who will be
using it? How would
it be used? Who would be involved
in its development? things AASL - Standards for 21st Century Learners

Manitoba : Literacy with ICT

ANZIIL: principles, standards and practice


ACRL - Standards, Performance Indicators,
and Outcomes

PYP, MYP, DP inquiry indicators

Blooms taxonomy Dianne McKenzie
Discovery College
Hong Kong
twitter: dimac4
http://librarygrits.blogspot.com Direction
Leadership Accountablility
Mentoring / Coaching
Connections Prescriptive Low level Limited scope for
advancement Unbalanced Strands Concepts Standards Inquiry
Indicators Blooms reflectors Skills Manitoba Literacy with ICT
http://bit.ly/manitobaICT Mapping is
underway Staff are aware
of the curriculum The draft is being
evaluated The document is being used as part of the planning of units Toolboxes are being developed
to help teach the concepts and
to map. Flexible Vertical and Horizontal Concept Based Cognitive and Affective
Domains Tools Time Staff
Education whole sector
staff meetings year level curriculum level using it with the
planning documents individual
explanation Mapping Obstacles A map for learning Evaluation Advocacy The DIL team Teaching staff Executive Started in January 2009 Have spent about 200
hours in total Still in draft form Example of DIL Planning Document
http://bit.ly/dcyr4map DIL Cognitive
domain DIL Affective domain *The New York State IL Continuum
*Commonsense media.org http://bit.ly/DMconflinks http://bit.ly/DMconflinks Library Grits Conference Links http://bit.ly/DMconflinks http://bit.ly/DMconflinks (with enduring understandings)
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