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Student Support Services--Union Institute & University

No description

Eric Mast

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of Student Support Services--Union Institute & University

Veteran's Services
Career Services
Writing Center and
Academic Tutoring

Making an appointment
Call: 1-800-861-6400 ext. 1156
email: writing-center@myunion.edu
or fill out our Campusweb request form
Get help with any step of the writing process.
no need to have anything written
Utilize the center's tutors as a sounding board for ideas, an additional eye, or for expert advice on writing.
Three different ways to make a writing appointment
Let us help you get started!
Did You Know?
Services By Appointment
Making An
Appointment Is Easy
1-800-861-6400 ext. 1156
Join the writing center in Campusweb and use our form to request an appointment.
Make an Appointment
1) The center will need to know your student ID, instructor, program, phone number, time zone, and a time frame for when you would be available for a session of about 30 minutes. It's also good to let them know if you want a phone or video session.
2) Within 24 hours of receiving your request, The center will email or call and offer you a selection of times to choose from based on your request.
3) Once you notify the center of your selected time, you will receive a confirmation with the name and email address of your tutor. You can send your tutor a draft of a paper to discuss, but an assignment does not need to be completed in order to have a session.
4) The tutor will call you at the confirmed time. Be prepared to talk with your course materials handy, and ideally, a computer with an internet connection.
5) After the session, the writing center will send an email to notify your instructor that the session was held and what was covered. You’ll get a copy of that email, too.
6) The writing center will use your "myunion" email to set up and confirm the appointment. Be sure to check it frequently after you have made a request.
The Writing Center
Math Tutoring Center
We offer tutoring for statistics and general education math courses.
1-800-861-6400 ext. 1257
Other Services Available
Find Us On Campus Web
Unique Benefits
We are here to help you when you are struggling with assignments.
Get assistance from professional staff--people with experience teaching and tutoring and who have already earned their degrees.
Tutors facilitate and support learning.
Schedule as many appointments as you like (or as many as time permits).
Veterans' Support
UI&U Scholarships
Active Duty U.S. Military
Veterans Resource Center
Personalized attention from the Veteran Resource Coordinator
Transfer Credit
opportunities for Veterans
Transfer in up to 90 credits
Work Closely with Program Advisors
Connect to School Resources
Support Services
Professional Workshops
Career Fairs
Progress Monitoring
Transistion Seminars


Honorable Discharge

Active Duty
U.S. Military/Guard/Reserves/Spouses
Formatted APA & MLA citations in OneSearch
The UI&U Library. Making Life Easier
APA & MLA Citations
Career Services
Post 9/11 GI Bill Chapter 33
Montgomery GI Bill Chapter 30
Occupation impacts many aspects of your life.
life style
stress levels
Choosing a career that you enjoy and positively impacts your life involves research & planning!
Studies show that students who engage with Career Services have:
greater occupational knowledge
greater career confidence & readiness
Resume & cover letter assistance
Mock interviews, practice for a job interview!

Guidance in deciding on a major or graduate school
Exploring careers that align with your interests, skills, values, & degree
Career changing/transitioning concerns
Other career concerns
LinkedIn tutorials
Choose a career
that suits you!
30% of your life is spent working!
Appointments are available to all UI&U students and alumni.
Your Career Starts Here!
Email us: CareerServices@myunion.edu


Call us: 800.486.3116 X2170

Self assessments & career planning resources
Mentoring/Informational interview contacts
Volunteer & internship site referrals
Employment search assistance
View jobs
Read articles
Access career resources
Watch webinars & videos
Print our career guides

Unlimited access as an alumni
More one on one time with a career counselor
Flexible appointment times (evenings included)
Get Started
Using the Library
Please complete the Library Tutorial
& Treasure Hunt
Rhia Batson, Career Services Counselor and Liason to Military Students
phone: 513-487-1190
email: rhia.batson@myunion.edu
Active Duty, Guard, or Reserve Tuition Assistance
Career Counseling
30 minute appointments over the phone or via videoconference
Find self-help presentations and tutorials in our CampusWeb group
We will also answer your quick questions over the phone or email
We promise you that if you put the time in, these will be skills that you can use throughout both your academic program and career.

The library is available from the convenience & comfort of your own home.
The UI&U Library is an online library with millions of articles, ebooks, and other scholarly resources.
http://library.myunion.edu or "google" UI&U Library
Library Website
UI&U has friendly librarians who are committed to helping you succeed
email: library@myunion.edu
call: 513-487-1487
text: 513-854-0542
video conferencing
chat: click Ask a Librarian
Welcome to the Library!
Plus examples, templates, and more in the Help Center
Library Website
Writing sessions usually occur over the phone. Web conferences are also available.
Math Tutoring uses video conferencing for a visually enhanced session.
Tutoring is free!
Just make an appointment!
Joining our Campusweb group takes a simple click of the button.
Dear math tutors, I would like some help with my math homework.
Thank you,
Amount=P(1+ )
Compound Interest
Search the resources in the UI&U Library...
200 Local and National Partners
Graduation and employment guidance
On-Site and Virtual Career Fairs
One on One academic support monitoring
Personal liason to align with academic and career support services
Vocational Rehabilitation Chapter 31
Dependents Education Assistance Chapter 35
VA Education
Appointments will last approximately 1 hour.
Tutors are available evenings and weekends.
Our sessions occur in video conference using screen-sharing technology.
CampusWeb group: Math Tutoring Center
or fill out our CampusWeb form
For an appointment . . .
a + b = c
The more the merrier!
Honorable Discharge Scholarship
Includes National Guard & Reserves
Veteran's, Spouses, & Dependents
Transfer credit can be a combination of your military training and previous college.
Previous college courses may also earn you credit.
Military training may earn you transfer credit.
Name: Joe Smith
Day: Sunday
Time: Monday Evening
Course: GWRI 101
on the bottom left
on the bottom
right for Full Screen
to AutoPlay this Prezi
...in addition to many open access repositories around the world.
The website is your portal to everything in
the library
Let us help you access various career resources.
Access our campus web page to learn more.
Best of all, services are free.
You may be eligible for one of these benefits.
We can help you determine your eligibility and the documentation that is needed.
Contact the Veteran Resource Center with Qualification and Documentation Questions.
Includes Spouses
Includes Spouses and Dependents
Any college or military training?
You may be able to receive credit at UI&U and graduate faster at less cost.
Veteran Resource Center Links
VA Benefits
Union Institute & University Scholarships
Department of Veteran Affairs E-Benefits
Request Military Transcripts
Professional Development Workshops
We look forward to meeting you in the near future.
Thank you for watching this presentation.
Susan Whitehead
Reference Librarian
Dr. Eric Mast
Director, Student Services
Rhia Batson
Career Services
Liason for Military Students
Our services are free for you to use as often as you like.
Welcome to Union Institute & University!
phone: 513-487-1103
email: geri.maples@myunion.edu

Quick access to
the Library Home,
Help Center &
Interlibrary Loan
Dr. Eric Mast, Director of Student Services
phone: 513-487-1136
email: eric.mast@myunion.edu
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