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Cultural differences

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sunny blair

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Cultural differences

Everyone of us has a cultural background however many world citizens are judged on their cultural backgrounds due to stereotypes and rasism. People who face these frequent adversities due to their cultural backgrounds can often lose their sense of self and due to these stereostypes thrust upon them they may begin to feel inadequate and they may start to question about who they are and who they are meant to be due to a stereotype. These stereotypes can often affect peoples everyday life.
Benefits of living in a diverse community
There are many benefits of living in a diverse community. Some of these benefits include:
- being able to learn about different cultures for interest
- being able to learn to accept that people are different
- gaining knowledge about different cultures that might help you one day (eg. if you were going on holidays somewhere completely different and you wanted to ensure that you didn't offend anyone by accident)
- being able to see how people live their lives in different ways in different cultures

Why these adverties occurs
Discrimination due to cultural backgrounds predominatly occur due to stereotypes. There are "good" stereotypes that many people don't think twice about as they consider it not to be offensive however these "good" stereotypes can often just add extra pressure on the person with the different cultural background. Ultimately stereotypes, good or bad, are at the basis of all discrimination and discriminaion doesn't just affect the person being discriminated.
Accepting difference and diversity
Some people have difficulty accepting difference and diversity. This may be because it is seen as negative virtue passed on from family members, friends or any other influential people. It may also be because they haven't yet seen what wonderful things diversity and difference are.
If you are having trouble accepting these two things:

- have a look around you and think about how dull life would be if we were all the same. Having different cultures makes life interesting.
- think about how it isn't fair to disregard someone based purely on their differences, such as a cultural difference that is different to yours. They are a living being and have a personality, feelings and a mind of their own.
- consider how you would feel if you weren't being accepted because you had a different cultural background that you naturally had.
- get out there and try to understand the difference and diversity in life.
If you are still finding it challenging to accept these two things, try talking someone that has experienced being left out because of their differences and/or cultural background and see how it made them feel at the time.

Cultural backgrounds
By Sunita, Maya and Claire

It is important to value individual differences because differences are what make us all unique. Having differences means that we are able to see the world in unique ways that only we can see, and this can lead on to potentially solve major problems that we are currently having problems with. Valuing individual differences is a necessity because they are essential parts of what form a productive and positive community.
There are many ways we can challenge negative community values and images regarding cultural backgrounds. Some of these are:
- continuously making people aware of the differences by advertising it in communities by putting posters on billboards and including it in ads so that people can't ignore it.
- challenge people by making them think about cultural differences in a different perspective.
Challenging negative community values and images
How we could build inclusion at Cheltenham Girls High School
- Firstly, educate students so they are aware of and understand different cultural backgrounds, so that there is acceptance in the school.
- secondly, have events like multicutural day. This could include: getting people to bring in food from their culture and have a multicultural lunch. This allows people to enjoy food and accept people from different cultures.
- we can also learn about cultural backgrounds in subjects such as geo and history
- sharing personal experiences and family traditions
- groups such as cloud nine could host days like respect day where they have fun whilst learning

Types of adversity and impacts on sense of self
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