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Be Kind, Rewind Ad Campaign

If I could go back in time and pitch a campaign for Be Kind, Rewind, this is what I'd do.

Jake Clayson

on 1 April 2010

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Transcript of Be Kind, Rewind Ad Campaign

Double click anywhere & add an idea Nobody does anything... It's an awkward silence shared by hundreds of people; both are waiting for the other to do something. Someone starts to walk out, evoking the wrath of Mr. Black. Sooner or later.... The Sundance audience arrives for an advanced screening of Be Kind, Rewind. In the Theater Little do they know... Night-vision cameras monitor their every move. Mos and Jack sit on a crappy couch, watching the live feed from the night-vision cameras... ...and another camera sends
a live feed back to the audience. My, how the tables have turned. Touche: After being soundly rebuked, the offender sheepishly returns to his seat. The campaign for Be Kind, Rewind was decent, but nothing really ground breaking. The film itself may not be blockbuster material, but I wanted to come up with something to improve its opening day.
Meanwhile: Get on the Mic: Black/Def are tired of being expected to do all the work while the audience just sits around. They order the ushers to hand out some wireless mics so they can interrogate and harass members of the audience. Michel Enters: Displeased with how Jack and Mos are treating their audience, he orders them to start the real movie. The Media Blitz: The resulting footage is edited, distributed to theaters as a trailer, posted online, and promoted through traditional and online media outlets.
Fin. Be Kind: Rewound
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