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Frida Kahlo

No description

cristal cepeda

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo
Kahlo's childhood
Frida grew up in the family's house where she was born. She started school at "Escuela Nacional Preparatoria" one of Mexico's leading schools. Frida grew up during the revolution and experienced a lot of violence and armed struggle. As she was growing up her father taught her some photography skills, so that she can use later on in life. He also taught her Some art basics like drawing and copy printing.
As a teen, Frida was involved in a street car accident where a metal pole traversed her pelvis. Because of this accident she spent months laying bed and was unable to have children in the future. In order to recuperate, she had to go through 35 operations. Later on she met Diego Rivera at the age of 21. They quickly fell in love and married a year after. Their love was passionate yet also stormy. Mainly for Frida because of the affair Diego had with her sister. They divorced in 1939, but then remarried a year after.
Where was Frida Kahlo born?
Frida Kahlo was originally born in Coyoacan Mexico, at her parents house. Also known as la casa azul (the blue house.) During this time it was a small town on the outskirts of Mexico city. The towns name Coyoacan, came from the word nahuati which mainly means "place of the coyotes."
Frida's father Gillermo was he first person to influence her. He was a professional photographer by trade and also an amateur painter. He taught Frida how to use the camera and how to retouch and color photographs. While Frida was recovering from the bus accident, her father gave her his box of paints and brushes and encouraged her to become an artist her self.
On April 13Th through 27 Lola Avarez Bravo organized the first solo exhibition with Fridas works in Mexico. Frida's doctor said she couldn't attend to it. But she showed up anyways. She arrived on the back of a truck along with her bed. Also followed by an ambulance. In August one of her legs was infected with gangrene and it had to be amutated below the knee. Her last few days she spent time writting letters to her loved ones.
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