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Window Snyder

Science black history

aryana ward

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Window Snyder

Window Snyder
Apple co., Mozilla, and Microsoft
Window Snyder is 39 years old. She currently works for Apple inc. and previously worked for Mozilla and Microsoft. Her full name is Mwende Window Snyder. The daughter of an american father and a Kenyan-born mother, Mwende Window Snyder has worked at some of the largest names in technology. She is currently a security and privacy product manager at apple inc. and the former chief security office at Mozilla corporation where she created Firefox. Prior to that she was Director of Security Architecture at @stake and was a senior security strategist at Microsoft in the Security Engineering and Communications department; most notably she is known as the security lead and sign off on Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Server 2003. She joined Mozilla in September 2006. She subsequently left Mozilla in December 2008 and began to work for Apple in March 2010.
Mwende Window Snyder worked as the chief security office at Mozilla Corporation where she created Firefox. “At Mozilla, Snyder introduced the concept of threat modeling into the Firefox development process and spearheaded a metrics project to measure the effectiveness of the open.”
Mozilla corporation
About Window Snyder
Life Dates of Window Snyder

In 2005, since window left Microsoft in that same year, she worked as a founder, a principal, and CTO at Matasano security. When 2006 came, Snyder joined Mozilla in the working. After that, in 2008 on December 10, she reported that she would be leaving at the end of the year in the Mozilla security blog. In 2010, on March 1, she began to work at apple Inc. In 2012, apple hired her as its senior product manager for security, helping the tech behemoth stave off cyber threats from hackers.
When window had worked at Microsoft, she worked on hardening Microsoft's window operating system. She also is credited with leading Microsoft into the open source market. When apple hired Window, they hired her to help secure its mac ecosystem. She is a computer and network security expert.
How window Snyder became famous
Well, Window Snyder worked at two of the greatest pieces of technology.{internet} She worked at Microsoft and Mozilla. Now, she works at apple inc. which is one of the greatest pieces of technology. Window has made a difference because she is one of the few African-American women who fight hackers in increasingly hostile cyberspace.
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