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Reason why we eat

No description

Jenna Fournier

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Reason why we eat

Reason why we eat
Physical needs give our body nutrients and help us survive. They help you feel stronger, gives you more energy and help you feel your best. They give you a better chance to be happy and healthy. From physical needs you get more energy, stronger immune system and an increased life span.

Psychological foods are foods that cure cravings. They have to do with your mind and emotions. You eat them for enjoyment.
Culture needs refer to traditions, beliefs and shared customs. They can also have to do with your religion, race or even in a certain country.
Why I picked my pictures
I chose the picture of the brain and people with different emotions to show that they have to do with your mind and emotions. I picked the picture of a girl eating soup to represent her not feeling well so she eats soup as a comforting food. Lastly I picked the candy to represent if a girl is on her period she craves sweet and salty snacks.
Why I picked my pictures
I picked the picture of the people running on the treadmills to show how physical foods give you energy. The photo of the body pushing stuff represents how physical foods give you a stronger immune system. The picture of the fruit is to show some of the foods that fit in this category.
Why I picked my photos
I picked my one picture to show a few different countries and the types of foods they eat. I picked the video to give you a bigger idea of what a cultural food is.
Family / social
Family and social foods need are when you either eat because you are persuaded by your friends and family or if you are at a party there is most likely going to be cake so there for you would eat it.
Why I picked my pictures
I picked the picture of cake to show if you were at a party and there's cake you would clearly have some.I used the picture of a family dinner because your parents tend to cook you food so you normally like what they like because that's what you grew up with and I used the picture of two friends because some people tend to follow what their friends eat .
Food availability
Food avalibility are foods that are cheaper, they have easier acess and sometimes aren't the healthiest.
Why I picked my photos
I picked the photo of cheap to represent that teh foods are mostly cheap. I used KD to show your easy acess because KD is always in stores. Lastly i used frozen dinners because tehy are not the healthiest thing to eat yet people tend to buy them because of all of the reasons ive told you.
Media has a really big impact on kids now a days therefor whatever is advertised kids tend to want and end up getting. This can also work for older people if they see something healthy or good they tend to buy it.
Why I picked my photos
I picked the photo of the ad to show how advertisments persuade adults and kids into wanting and eventually getting the product. I picked the photo of teh healthy food because some advertiments make them look so good that they want to go out and buy the product right away.
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