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Beans Lab (Natural Selection Lab)

No description

Bryant Kraus

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Beans Lab (Natural Selection Lab)

Beans Lab (Natural Selection Lab)
Prey Best Adapted
The prey (bean) best adapted was the split green peas. This is shown in the data in which at the end of the 3rd generation it had the most at 178.
The Pray Least Adapted
The prey least adapted was the pinto bean. It ended in the third generation with only 56.
By: Micheal, Bryant, Jorge, Joseph
Predator that Survived the Best
The Predator that survived the best was the spoon. It ended in the third generation with having reproduced twice ending with 4.
The Predator That Did Not Survive
The predator that died off was the knife. It died off after the first generation
Natural Selection --> nature selects
in favor
of best adapted and
adapted to the environment
Beans--> Prey Spoon, Knife, Fork--> Predator
Natural Selection chose for--> Spoon and Green Split Beans
against--> Knife and Pinto Bean
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