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Performance Plants

Biotech Final

Giselle Loi

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Performance Plants

Performance Plants
Main Objectives
Marketed Products
PPI Facts
Company began in 1996
Founded in Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
acknowledged by the Canadian Biotechnology Industry, BIOTECanada, as the
“Most Promising Canadian Early Stage Biotechnology Company.”
commercial license and co-development agreements with nine major multinational seed companies allowing companies to their technology to develop plant varieties for commercialization
By: Giselle Loi & Minyi Xian
Performance Plants
Performance Plants Inc (PPI) is a private internationally owned agriculture biotechnology developer with powerful, advanced technology to enhance productivity of plants. They are associated with companies such as Bayer Cropscience, RiceTec, DBN, Biocentury Transgene and Mahyco.

7000 Gardiners, Kingston,
ON K7M 3Y1, Canada
Performance Plants focuses in gene discovery, trait development & seed commercialization to protect and enhance yields in all major crops globally. PPI’s technology allows farmers to increase yields and reduce irrigation needs (in drought and heat stressed areas), reduces pesticide use, and water usage.

WET (Water Efficiency Technology)
PPI represents the world’s first discovery of a water efficiency trait. WET has the potential to eliminate irrigation costs and extend the range of the crops globally. This technology is currently being used in products such as canola. Experiments have shown that plants produce 22% more growth with this tool and limited water.
HDT(Heat & Drought Tolerance Technology)
Performance Plants has the first heat tolerance technology. PPI is the only company that can protect plants against seed yield losses during hot and dry weather. Improving in high temperature and drought tolerance has become a top priority in ag-biotechnology. With this tool, crops have produced up to 23% higher yields.
PPI does not use any foreign matter or genes into our products. They use the genes of a plant to enhance it's natural capabilities to improve yield, heat and drought stress tolerance significantly.

Performance Plants is known for being the "best of the breed" for using advanced genetic technology to enhance crop yield under harmful conditions such as drought and heat.


"Many papers look at seedlings in a Petri dish, where you can get a lot of fast results. Nobody wants to look at yield — but for agronomists, yield is everything.”
Dr. Huang stresses the importance of yield
Mahyco Licenses Multiple Agri-Biotechnologies from Performance Plants for Crop Improvement
and Commercialization
News Article
January 11, 2013

" India lags in per hectare productivity due to sub-optimal rainfall and extreme high seasonal temperatures. . . . . pressure to increase agricultural productivity to meet the needs of India’s rapid population growth..."
Research Assistant:
Director of Finance:
Requires a Bachelor in Commerce
Director of Research:
Requires Ph. D. in Plant Molecular Biology
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