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Venezuela Isabella Miño

No description


on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Venezuela Isabella Miño

Presedent of Venezuela
Nicolas Maduro is the presedent of Venezuela. Nicolas use to be the VP (Vice Presedent) but won the elections when Chavez died.
By: Isabella
5th Grade
Ms. Natalies class

Does the Government Protect Human Rights?
No, the government does not really protect human rights. According to Human right watch, from the moment that Chavez became president to the moment that Maduro became president a lot of human rights have been violated. Prison violence, police abuse, sencership are some of the main problems.
The Government of Venezuela has 5 difrent parts. The Judicial, Citizen, Legislative, Executive, and the Electorial branch. The Judicial, Legislative, Executive branches are all part of the government of the states too but the Citizen and the Electorial branch are not, they are only part of the Venezuelan Government.

The Cistizen branch makes sure that the people and the government follows all the laws.

The Electorial branch is the part of the government that orginizes the elections.

Political Parties
There are many political parties but these are some of the most important.
United socialist party of Venezuela.

Democratic Unity Roundtable (oposition)

These two parties most likly do not get along.
Government Positions
Some of the weaknesses I notest is that the government of Venezuela is not doing a good job at security according to Human Rights Watch a organization that protects human rights. Another weakness is that Venezuela has turned into a dictatorship because you cant say or do anything that is not in favor of the president. Sometimes you have the penalty of prison!!!!!!
One positive that I can think of is that in Venezuela they don't waste much paper. In Venezuela toilet paper is only sold for like one month and then for two months they don't sell it any more.
How are the Leaders Chosen?
The leaders are chosen by the "people." You have to be 18 years old to be able to vote in Venezuela.
Type of Government
The government of Venezuela is Democratic. A Democratic government means that people can vote for there leader. People can have a say and have choice.
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