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Past Tenses: Past Continuous & Past Perfect

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Jennifer Carver

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Past Tenses: Past Continuous & Past Perfect

Past Tenses: Past Continuous and Past Perfect
Past Tenses Overview
Past Continuous : Form
Subject +was/were + present participle + complement
Aisha and Dina
were reading
wasn't watching
the game last night.

Passive Voice form:
Subject+ was/were + being + past participle + complement
The dishes
were being done
so she didn't worry.
Past Continuous: Uses
Used to show that an action was in progress during a specific time in the past.

last Saturday night?
was babysitting
my friend's daughter so her family could take her out for her birthday.

Used with the simple past to show the relationship of a longer past action to a shorter past action.

was doing
his homework while watching T.V.

Past Continuous : Uses
Used with two clauses to show that two actions were taking place at the same time in the past.

While she
was watching
FROZEN at the movies, Ellen

Was/Were going to means that a past plan wasn't carried out.

was going to
get the groceries before I picked up the kids, but I ran out of time.

Past Perfect: Forms
Past Perfect: Uses
Simple Past
to a meeting last week on Thursday.

Past Continuous
was going
to a meeting when I saw my friend.

Past Perfect
I knew what they were going to cover because I
had gone
to many meetings before.

Past Perfect Continuous
had been going
tthe meetingo last Thursday when I got a call
from my dad.
Subject + had/hadn't + past particple + complement

Luckily, we
had received
notice last week that school was canceled on Monday and Tuesday before we showed up for class.

Passive Voice form:
Subject + had/hadn't + been + past participle.

I honestly
hadn't been
that cold since the winter I visited Harbin, China.
Used to show something did or didn't happen before a specific time or action.
By the time they reached the store, it
had already closed

When school ended, Jane's dad still
hadn't arrived
to pick her up.

Used to show a prior reason.
hadn't been
prepared for a series of polar storms this winter, because the last few winters have been mild.

Used with EVER to show a superlative.
had been
the coldest winter ever recorded for Chicago.

To show the duration of an earlier past action
had been
warm for almost four days before I finally felt like I
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