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No description

Gözde Küçüksu

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of EXCALIBUR

This is a story of love and hate, friendship and marriage, war and peace. And some magic.
The story takes place in ancient Britain.

When the Uther prevents him, he understand that he kills by the enemies. He put Excalibur in the rock and who can takes the sword out of the rock, becames a next king.
The most important and main character of the story is Arthur.
If you are interest in history, I recommend Excalibvr to you. It is interesting and fluent book.
The most important place is Camelot.
And, it starts a long time ago...
When Britain is split by war, Uther becames a king. The lady of the Lake gives Uther Excalıbur before war. Uther fells in love with Igraine. Igraine is Lord Cornwall's who is Uther's knight wife.
Arthur gets married with Guinevere. After that Lancelot who is the Arthur's best friend fells in love with Guinevere.
Thanks to Merlin's magic, Uther looks like Lord Cornwall and lives with Igraine. They have a child, Arthur. But Merlin takes the baby away.
Uther dies and Arthur takes Excalıbur out of the rock. He becames a king.
They escape together. Arthur goes to kill them but he gives up and drop his sword there. When Guinevere wakes up, Lancelot alredy gone. She sees the sword and hides it. Arthur's knight take her and locks into a castle.

Then Arthur gives back the Lady of Lake it. The other ladies take him to the magic island of Avalon.
They believe that King Arthur never died, he will return when his country needs him.
After a long time, Arthur goes to Guinevere and forgives her. Guinevere gives Arthur the sword.
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