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Absolute Monarch Resume - Peter the Great

No description

Jonathan Vitek

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Absolute Monarch Resume - Peter the Great

I, Peter I, am writing this resume to let the people know that I am a very well qualified individual ready to succeed in leading our country, Spain. When someone reads this, the will wonder why they are wasting their time with Feodor III, the current ruler. Peter the Great My Experience My Accomplishments I established a school of Mathematical and Navigation Sciences in Moscow, in 1701. I also established the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg, in 1715. I wanted to know about the surrounding seas of Russia better, for Naval purposes, so I organized several expeditions to go out and map them. I have helped Russia in so many way by improving things such as the economy, military, and enterprises. One of my favorite accomplishments is the one where I won the Northern War in 1721. References I know many people that can tell you how wonderful I am but I think the best ones would be my father Aleksey Mikhailovich, and my grandfather Michael Romanov, because they know me so well. I have a couple characteristics and experiences about me that would resemble me as a great person to rule Russia. I am an experienced Navy Admiral and Army officer. I was in the Navy for several years and was the head of a ship building crew. Under my reign, Russia's army went from beginners to professionals. F0r one year, (1697-1698) I took, and passed, a course of Artillery Sciences. I'm so strong I can crumple up a silver platter, and I am taller than a lot of people, towering 6' 7". Because of all of this, they call me "Peter the Great." I ruled for 36 years, from 1689-1725 (My death) Peter 1 Extras Me in the Army Stone wall of me Map of Russia My fleet of Ships Citations: . "Peter the First." Rus Navy. Rus Navy. Web. 18 Dec 2012. <http://rusnavy.com/history/pjotr.htm>. . "Peter the Great (Peter 1)." Saint-Petersburg. Saint-Petersburg. Web. 18 Dec 2012. <http://www.saint-petersburg.com/history/peter1st.asp>.
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