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Freedom of Hope- How it began

Foundation created from hope

Pass A Smile

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Freedom of Hope- How it began

Freedom of Hope Freedom of hope? What is freedom of hope?
It all started when I thought,
Why let people suffer for no reson? we can make a diffrence
we can change the world! So I decided to make a Foundation! But I can't do this without your help!
This is for people who have lost thier houses in Wars! Innocent people's houses were Crushed! For what? Nothing! We need to do something, we need to help. We can't just stay sitting there thinking "Poor people" if you really care about those people then let's ALL GET UP AND DO SOMETHING! As a team! Well I have a plan
We need to make sure our school knows! We will the school to donate.
So people will stop suffering. Watch this video and see, What we mean. Now what do you think? Imagine if that was you? sure
we have life easy and I know we all care about this.
It's time to stop having pity, and actually do something! People are loosing their loved ones, houses and their food
every DAY! Houses get crushed and no one cares actually no one notices how much more of this can they take? We can't give up or this will just keep happening! For more information please visit:
http://thefreedomofhope.weebly.com We can do this! Are you in? "let's unlock those
chains and help
the world" Imagine what we could do!
The smiles on peole's faces! Founder: Sura Thank you!
People are living here in this Cake
but because of us,we "ate" this cake, they have no where to live! Just like the people who lost their homes, they all need us! Imagine it like this! If we can, get our school to help mabey we can
get other schools to agree then get "further"
But first we need to start small then get big! Start small get Real
Huge Get bigger then.. We want to help pakistan, Iraq and,Somali Lets give these innocent
people the comfort of everyday life back to them, because they deserve it. No one should live like that!
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