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Protein Pathway

No description

Elizabeth Pierson

on 19 September 2018

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Transcript of Protein Pathway

The Protein Pathway
Also called "Golgi body" or "Golgi complex"
Different number of Golgi bodies in different types of cells
Not all cells have Golgi bodies
Receives proteins from ER and processes them
Sends them out to where they're needed (lysosomes, cell wall, outside of cell, etc.)
Molecules are stored in vesicles
Vesicles may stay in Golgi apparatus or released to rest of cell immediately

-First step for processing of proteins
-ER extends from cell membrane through cytoplasm and forms connection with nuclear envelope
-Two types: rough and smooth
-Manufactures secretory proteins

-Ribosome builds amino acid chain (polypeptide), chain is then pushed into rough ER for further processing
-Rough and smooth ER are connected
-Work together to organize, transport proteins
-Transports ER products to destinations

-Sends proteins through vesicles to outside of cell

small bodies made of RNA and protein
Can be found floating through cytoplasm and attached to ER
Unlike most organelles, not bound by membrane
Made of 60% ribosomal RNA, 40% proteins
...to the Golgi apparatus.
Golgi Apparatus
Golgi Apparatus
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