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Ana Jukic & Aryana Chandler

No description

lib hist

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Ana Jukic & Aryana Chandler

Ana Jukic & Aryana Chandler
Mary Walker
She is the only woman to win the Medal of Honor because she was the 1st Female U.S. Army Surgeon in the Civil War.
About Mary Walker
~ Born November 26, 1832
~ Died February 21,1919
~ Husband Albert Miller

Mary's Story
She graduated from Syracuse Medical College, got a medical degree in 1855, and continued to be a surgeon in private practice.
When the Civil War started in 1861, Walker traveled to D.C to be a physician to the Army.
~ Citizenship - she wanted to save peoples' lives, she did everything she can for her country and the people in it.
~ Honor - although she didn't join the Army, she was in the Civil War helping the wounded soldiers and sick people.
~ Courage - she helped and put all her effort in saving all the soldiers' lives when they were in combat.
~ Patriotism - she helped the sick and wounded soldiers both in the field and in hospitals even if her health was at risk.
Why she represents these four words
~ Graduated from Syracuse Medical College
~ Lived in Oswego, New York
~ She is the only woman to receive the Medal Of Honor to this day.

Mary's Story
They didn't accept her because she was a female. Later, she worked as a volunteer in Virginia, getting very little respect from her colleagues. In 1864, she was appointed a civilian contract surgeon to the 52nd Ohio Volunteers. In April, she was captured and brought to a prison in Virgina, many inmates were sick and authorities refused to let her doctor them. She was later released in a POW exchange.
Mary's Story
Walker was accepted another position under contract as an Acting Assistant Surgeon in the Army. She was sent to a female prison to take care of the inmates there. The women wouldn't let her doctor them because they were offended by the way Mary dressed and that women shouldn't be doctors. After the war, president Andrew Jackson awarded Walker with the Medal of Honor for her "untiring efforts." In 1917, the Medal of Honor Board removed her name and many others because she wasn't involved in combat. In 1977, the Army Board of Corrections put her name back on the list because she showed acts of distinguished gallantry.
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