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Copy of How to hook your reader

No description

Natalie Madrid-Chacon

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of Copy of How to hook your reader

Create a snapshot for your reader by creating a visual image in their mind. HOW TO HOOK YOUR READER Restate the prompt using the main idea in your topic sentence. Ask an interesting question about your main idea. Begin with a brief dialogue. "This is definitely going to be the party of a life time," Vanessa excitedly told Mayerli, as the limosine approached the hotel entrance. "I can't wait to see the look on Ezequeil's and Brian's face when they see Tony Hawk skateboard at my birthaday party at the new skatepark!" If you were adventurous enough to walk
into my room you wouldn't be able to avoid the dirty, smelly
clothes that litter the floor and all of the half empty Coke cans that are scattered throughout the room. It's it absolutely crazy now that I'm eight years old my parents expect for me to be responsible for not only throwing out the trash but also making my bed every morning BEFORE school? If I could invite anyone I wanted to my drama party I would invite Guadalupe and Rebekah because they always make me feel happy that I am their friend. Wouldn't you be excited if you knew that Selena Gomez was making arrangements to come to your birthday party? Restate the prompt using the main
idea in your topic sentence.
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