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What is World Heritage?

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Thomas Aspinwall

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of What is World Heritage?

What is World Heritage?
UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Their World Heritage Program is a celebration of natural and cultural history. Being listed as a World Heritage Site means that a place is worth preserving for future generations because it has an

"outstanding universal value for all humanity."

There are 981 World Heritage Sites.
These are the sites that tell the story of humanity.
Easter Island
The sites that have inspired mankind for generations
Taj Mahal
The sites that tell the stories of civilizations past
Machu Pichu
The sites that show the majesty of nature
Victoria Falls
The sites that protect the tiniest of creatures
Great Barrier Reef
The sites that celebrate the biggest feats in technology and engineering
Sydney Opera House
The sites that tell the story of the development of the world's cities
Historic Bern, Germany
In short, these are the sites that define mankind and that link us together as a global community
Old City of Jerusalem
The World Heritage List grows every year, but it won't be complete without your help
It's time to put Charleston on the World Heritage List
Help us celebrate Charleston's rich architectural history
Help us explore our diverse multicultural connections
Help us cement Charleston's importance in the pages of international history.

Help us to make a better future for Charleston by celebrating her past.

Join us as we form the

Charleston World Heritage Coalition
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