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Story of GLOBE

No description

Kristin Wegner

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Story of GLOBE

Who is GLOBE? More than a million students, teachers, and scientists in over 100 countries learning about the world by doing science. Students studying their local environment

to better understand Earth System Science Phenology Soil Hydrology Land Cover Atmosphere Gaining a better understanding of the various components of the Earth System "It's up to us to become stewards of the planet" Kanchanpreet, age 16, California, USA "GLOBE aims at spreading environmental awareness through my generation,"
Sharifah, age 15, Bahrain "I look forward to being a leader in the society of tomorrow," Sandrine, age 13, Cameroon "GLOBE helps my students open up their minds and think in directions that they would not otherwise," High school teacher, Croatia "GLOBE has created in me an awareness for caring about my community," Nicholas, age 17, Argentina
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