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Webquest: What is Slope?

No description

Kiley Eory

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Webquest: What is Slope?

Webquest: What is Slope?
Today you will visit two websites to explore the slope of a line. Before you begin, please consider the following questions:

1) What basic geometric shape helps us understand slope?
2)How do the terms "rise" and "run" to describe slope?
3) How do the terms "positive" , "negative". "zero" and "undefined" relate to slope?
4) How many coordinate points are needed to find slope?
5) How can you express slope using x's and y's ?

Ponder these questions throughout your quest!
1) Go to the link below to take a short quiz on slope:


2) Leave this page up on your browser and raise your hand. I will check your score before you are to move on. If you wish to refresh the page and try for a better score please do so now.

Slope is a fundamental concept in mathematics. Slope describes the "steepness" of a straight line. We can use slope in multiple ways as you will soon discover. Begin your Webquest by clicking the "next arrow."
Process and Resources
Teacher's Page
The following websites were used in the creation of this WebQuest


Kiley Hook Matt Wilkinson
Jordan Dann

1. To learn about the basics of slope, visit http://www.basic-mathematics.com/what-is-slope.html

After you have read through the first page, explore the material on the following links located at the bottom of the page:
"How to find the slope"
"Undefined slope"
"Graphing slope"
"Slope intercept form"
"Slope calculator"

2. Next, visit http://www.shodor.org/interactivate/activities/SlopeSlider/ to explore how slope changes.
Use the purple and green slider tools to change the slope and y-intercept (point on the line).

3. Revisit the questions on the "Task" page. Can you answer these questions now?

4. Jot down your answers to these questions along with any other ideas or questions you have about slope. Keep them with you to use in tomorrow's discussion on slope. Be prepared to share your findings.

There are many ways to incorporate the slope into an equation of a line. Go to the website below and find the equations of a line in the forms:
1. Point slope
2. slope intercept
For each form I want you to write out the equation and identify where the slope (m) is in the equation. Also, explain what the purpose is for each type of equation.
Slope is used in not only math, but physics, economics, and so much more! Slope will also help us continue our quest through Pre-Algebra. To understand slope you must have a grasp on the following concepts:

1. Rise and run
2. Positive, negative, zero, and undefined slopes

We will learn more about slope and using slope in equations of lines over the course of the next week.
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