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The effects that desertification has on the wildlife in Cost

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Jaidyn McLain

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of The effects that desertification has on the wildlife in Cost

Desertification disrupts the natural cycle of water and nutrients.The soil is not suited for growing food; therefore the amount of food will decline. If the population is growing,this will cause economic problems and starvation. There are hundreds of species of animals that are endangered. One of Costa Rica's protected areas run 40 miles. In 1995 the government introduced further protected areas, and a further 13% of the country was put under protection through privately owned preserves.
Desertification has many negative affects on the wildlife in Costa Rica. Its destroying animals habitats. Its also causing food loss because the soil is not suited for growing food anymore which decreases amount of food. 25% of Earths land has been desertified. The deforestation of Costa Rica’s tropical rain forests as in other countries is a threat to life worldwide. Soil erosion has increased with deforestation with the topsoil washed away from the hills into the streams and out into the oceans, year after year.Seventy percent of the Earth’s land animals and plants reside in forests.
Evaluation of sources
Wordpress.com gave me information on the broad areas of desertification and what it is.

vivacostarica.com gave me information on the food loss from desertification.

Ifad.org said desertification disrupts the natural cycle of water and nutrients.
Plan for Investigation
The affects that desertification has on wildlife on Costa Rica.
My first step was to chose a broad topic which would be desertification. After i learned what desertification was I chose to do the affects that desertification has had on wildlife because it really has a huge negative impact on wildlife
The effects that desertification has on the wildlife in Costa Rica

Summary of evidence
Approximately 20,000 acres of land are deforested annually. Recent approximations indicate that only a quarter of the original forests cover in Costa Rica is still standing. Half of this is under protection of national park. Desertification destroys wildlife habitats. It causes food loss & if the population increases the food will go down.The soil can be blown away by wind or washed away rain. Nutrients in the soil can be removed by wind or water. Salt can build up in the soil which makes it harder for plant growth




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