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Water Organizations

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Exhibition Team

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Water Organizations

Water Organizations By Rebecca, Avanti, Myia, Luz, and Kevin Water Facts Organizations Sanitation Watershed Reforestation Rain Harvest Supply Water scarcity is making people fight over water, and nobody is getting their fair share of water, even though the water they collect is dirty and contaminated. Some ways the organizations help are... 2.5 billion people do not have a toilet Without sanitized water you can get sick. But some people don’t have a choice, they have to drink the dirty water But with sanitation, you can change that, into this:
El agua de lluvia se puede usar para:
- Regar el jardín
- Lavar la ropa
- Tomar una ducha

 Organizaciones
Las organizaciones de suministros de agua de lluvia para las cosechas se aseguran que el agua de lluvia que se colecciona en tanques cisterna y barriles esté limpia y bien filtrada.
- Water.org (agua.org)
- Global Water (Agua global)
- Circle of Blue (Círculo azul) Suministros de agua para las cosechas Hechos y estadísticas 2.5 billones de personas no tienen inodoros/servicios higiénicos -Water scarcity is a global problem.
-3.4 million people die from a water disease annually.
-1% of all freshwater is for human use.
-30% of freshwater is underground and 70% is in glaciers.
-The average American uses 176 gallons of water daily.
-The average African uses 10 gallons of water daily. Did you know.... Sabía usted...
-3.4 millones de personas mueren anualmente por enfermedades relacionadas con el agua.
-Solamente el 1% de los 2.5% del agua se utiliza para propósitos humanos.
-30% del agua está debajo de la tierra.
-Un Americano ordinario utiliza 176 litros de agua diariamente. -Most water organizations help globally and are non-profit.
Some examples are:
- Water.org
- Global Water
- Circle of Blue
- The Water Project There are many ways that they can help. Facts -800 million people do not have safe, clean water.

-2.5 billion people do not have a toilet.

-60 million people are added to the world annually, most move in areas with little water.

-Unsanitized water can make you extremely sick.

- 443 million school days are lost each year due to a water related disease.

- More people have a phone than a toilet. Sanitation Facts -Ochocientos millones de personas no tienen agua potable.

-2.5 billones de personas no tienen inodoros/servicios higiénicos.

-60 millones de personas nacen cada año y la mayoría vive en lugares donde no hay agua potable.

-This stream is contaminated, but people have to drink from water like this everyday.

-This stream has been sanitized, and sanitation turned that muddy stream into this: Sanitation: Before and After Datos sobre la sanidad del agua Organizaciones Datos sobre la sanidad de agua How they help Simply boiling water or filtering it through a cloth can reduce the chance of a water disease greatly

Some organizations that help sanitize water are:
- Water.org
- Global Water
- The Water Project They provide water bottles, toilets, sinks, pumps, and clean water The Problem - A way to solve this problem is by installing water pumps.

- Nearly 200,000 americans have helped in many different countries to install water pumps.

- Some of these people belong to organizations.

- Some organizations that do install pumps are Water.org, compassion.com, and Global Water The Solution Water Pumps How They Work
- Water pumps get the water from either a nearby lake or high groundwater.

- The pipe then sends the water to the pump so when someone pulls the handle, water pours out.

- A pipe then filters the water that comes through, making it clean and safe to drink.

Here is an example of a water pump and how it works: Suministros de agua para las cosechas Wasted rainwater can cause water scarcity. The Problem The Solution You can install a rain harvesting supply system.

You can use harvested rainwater to:
- Water the garden
- Wash clothes
- Bathe a pet Some organizations are:
- Water.org
- Global Water
- Circle of Blue The Problem - All the trees and plants by a body of water are cut down. This is known as watershed deforestation.

- The mud and soil enter the water source and make it unsanitary.

- The soil erodes, and mudslides can occur The Solution A solution is watershed reforestation.

Watershed reforestation is the process of replanting plants and trees by a body of water to restore the watershed (water table).

The organizations that specialize in this area are renewing the water source for everyone.

Some organizations are:
- Our Watershed
- Plant with Purpose
- Global Water.
Problema: se cortan árboles y plantas cerca de la cuenca de agua
- El suelo se erosiona
- Hay posibles deslizamientos de tierra
Solución: reforestación de la cuenca
- Replante para restaurar el nivel.

- Plant with Purpose (Plantar con un propósito)
- Global Water (Agua global)
- Our Watershed (Nuestra Cuenca) Las organazaciones: Reforastacion de la Cuenca El problema:

-Algunos paises no tienen acceso al agua potable
- Algunos paises solamente reciben 10 galones del agua al dia

La solucion:

- Instalar bombas de agua. La bombas de agua extraen el agua que esta debajo de la tierra y de esta manera proven agua limpia.
- Conectar tuberias de las bombas de agua para que el agua llegue a las villas y a los pueblos
- Las bombas de agua filtran la agua sucia por medio de en tubo que succiona el agua contaminada


200,000 milliones de Americanos estan ayudando en 139 paises que no tienen agua limpia
- Water.org (Agua.org)
- Global Water (Agua Global)
- Compassion.com (Compassion.com) Reforastacion de la Cuenca Las Bombas de Agua Because acid rain can be collected, you shouldn't drink harvested water Trivia http://www.edmodo.com/file?id=c66eb200a23077a15676af438d19667b
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