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University of Texas at Austin

LDS 102 Final Project

Maddie Massa

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of University of Texas at Austin

Home of the Longhorns Est. 1883 Longhorn Population: about 51,000 students Total undergraduate: 39,955 Total Graduate: 12,231 Location: Austin, TX Residential Campus in a Very Large City Proud to be one of the largest public universities in the U.S. 80 miles out of San Antonio, 167 miles out of Houston Our Mission: We seek to achieve excellence in the realms of undergraduate and graduate study, research and public service. Dare to be Diverse Source: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/college-university-search/university-of-texas-at-austin Compared to Seawolf country...we have more of an asian community and less of a white community (more evenly split). We also have less hispanic/latino and non resident alien students. A Little Longhorn Pride Bevo the Texas Longhorn Bevo has been present on the sidelines of Texas football games since 1966. In 2004, Bevo XIII, the Bevo to see the most football wins in the university's history retried. Bevo XIV now takes its place along the sidelines thus continuing the tradition. FUN FACT:
Bevo is one of college's most popular and heaviest mascots!!! Longhorn Colors: Burnt Orange and White TRADITIONS The University of Texas Longhorn Band Smokey the Cannon Big Bertha Hook'em Horns Running of the Texas Flag But wait... The Tower Carl J. Eckhart Jr, head of the physical plant at the university since 1931, both supervised the construction of the Main Building Tower as well as the lighting configurations to display the university's achievements. The orange lights first hit the tower in 1937. Ten years later, he helped to develop the guidelines for the orange lights. Eckhart, with two engineering degrees and extensive work on light, never won a Nobel prize for his work but helped to establish a lasting Longhorn tradition. The Longhorn Band was founded in 1900 by chemistry professor Eugene P. Schoch. He recruited 16 students and provided them with $150 worth of used instruments. After that, the band steadily grew and by 1917, the band had played at Chicago's World Fair, Madison Square Garden and the White house for President Theodore Roosevelt. The "Showband of the Southwest" is now 360 strong and led by Robert M. Carnochan. Smokey the cannon was built in 1953 by the university's mechanical engineering lab. The blasting of the cannon was an answer to the traditional shotgun blasts heard at the Texas-Oklahoma football games. The newest Smokey (after at least three generations) can fire up to four 10 gauge shotgun shells and weighs 1,200 pounds. Smokey is fired after every Texas touchdown or an exciting play. The Texas Cowboys , a UT student service organization has the responsibility of caring for this tradition. Big Bertha was originally the property of the University of Chicago's band. The school commissioned the Conn Music Company to build the drum in 1922. The drum was later discarded after the unviersity abandoned it and stored under the stadium. Unfortunately, due to atmic bomb research in the 1940s, the drum was contaminated. Later however, in 1955, the drum was purchased by former Longhorn Band member, Col. D. Harold Byrd fro $1 because he thought it was the largest drum in the world. After the drum was decontaimnated and restored, Byrd donated the drum to the Longhorn band where it has remained a tradition ever since. Hook'em horns was started in 1955 by the head cheerleader, Harley Clark Jr. after his fellow student, Henry Pitts came up with it. Pitts showed Henry the sign three days before the Texas Chrisitan Game. At the pep rally for that game Clark showed his fellow longhorns the sysmbol and at that game the next day, he watched the stadium surge with the symbol. It is now recognized worldwide as the symbol for the Texas Longhorns. The Running of the Texas Flag tradition began on January 1, 1961 when the Longhorns played Mississippi in the Cotton Bowl. During halftime, the Mississippi Rebel band unfurled a Texas flag measuring 51 feet wide and 91 feet long. After the Longhorn 12-7 victory, the flag was presented to the governor of Texas, Price Daniel. The flag was then bestowed on the Longhorn band who requested that the service fraternaty, Alpha Phi Omega, "run the flag" at the Texas A&M game. The current flag is measures 75 feet wide and 125 feet and weighs 500 pounds. It is the largest state flag in the world and is run before every home in the spirit of tradition and longhorn pride. 1 3 4 2 5 6 7 Configuration meanings:
1: Standard lighting configuration
2: Faculty and student academic achievements, Staff achievements, Academic team achievements (w/ #1), UT's birthday (Sept. 15), Commencement, Texas Independence day (March 2), Football beats Texas A&M, All sport Big 12 Athletic Championships, Student organization sports club national championships* 3: Regular season Football victories
except Texas A&M and bowl victories
other than the national championship*
4&5: Commencement*
6: National Championships*
7: UT Remembers (annual memorial service), Tower Garden Dedication, Significant Solemn Occasions i.e Texas A&M bonfire tragedy*
*Other occasions at the President's discretion FUN FACT: Big Bertha measures 10 feet tall, 44 inches wide on her four wheeled cart and weighs more than 500 pounds!!! FUN FACTS:
~Smokey III was built out of the trunk of an oak tree in 1988 by Lupton Machinery of Austin!!!
~It was renamed Smokey II in 1955 when it was modified to shoot two 10 gauge shotgun shells!!! And, we're not a Land Grant School
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