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6.08 DBA

No description

laura frederick

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of 6.08 DBA

durring the rennaissance art work was used to tell biblical stories. for example the exodus. with moses and the israelites crossing the red sea. european thought was geared toward the artist and talent behind the art work. as in Jan van Eyricks creation burning candle in the chandelier is a symbol of God. 2.How did Renaissance architecture illustrate a renewed interest in the classical past?
Reference at least one example of architecture from this gallery and specific, classically inspired aspects it showcased The cathedral's original architects had envisioned a very tall, hexagonal dome spanning the crossing, but lacked the engineering ability to construct it. At that time, domes and vaults were built with the use of temporary wooden scaffolding called centering to hold up the masonry until the completed structure could support itself. The Florentine dome's immense size—if completed, it would be the largest in the European world—would require more timber than there was in Tuscany, and so the cathedral remained unfinished. The lack of a dome was a source of great consternation for Florentines, who constantly searched for architects to solve the problem. they still had the light and hight going on and the buildings still had little buidings comming off of them. 3 Choose one painting from this gallery exemplifying Renaissance humanism.
Explain how this painting is representative of its regional school, and how it exhibits the influence of Renaissance humanist philosophy. candel burning - symbol of God. the mirror on the rear wall - symbol of the watchful presence of God. the hand broom - symbol of domestic duties. the red bed spread - symbol of domestic duties. the oranges on the windowsill and table symbolize fertility and wealth.
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