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People in the New Georgia Colony

SS8H2 b.

Angela Brazell

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of People in the New Georgia Colony

Group Assignments
Where to find your information
1) Big Packet 121-124 and Little Packet 66-67
2) Big Packet 125 and Little Packet 64-65
3) Big Packet 124 and Little Packet 56-57
4) Big Packet 124-125
5) Big Packet 125-126
6) Big Packet 127-128
1) Salzburgers
2) Highland Scots
3) Malcontents
4) War of Jenkins's Ear
5) Battle of Bloody Marsh
6) The end of the Dream
SS8H2 Analyze the colonial period of Georgia's history.
c. Evaluate the role of diverse groups (Jews, Salzburgers, Highland Scots and Malcontents) in settling Georgia during the Trustee Period.
People in the New
Georgia Colony

Essential Question
... small
Who were some of the important
individuals and groups during
the Trustee period?
Come to Georgia Video
Find 1 reason settlers would want to come to Georgia
Video Log
Daily Life in Georgia
Video Log
"The Stone of Help"
Video Log
Highland Scots
Video Log
Record 2 Facts
Record 2 Facts
Record 3 Facts
Video Log
Mary Musgrove
Record 2 Facts
Music to Work to
Antonio Salieri's Concerti for Piano
Bell Ringers
1) Why was Mary Musgrove important to Oglethorpe?

2) What rules did the Trustees have to follow?

3) What rules did the colonists have to follow?

4) Identify 3 things/people which were not allowed in Georgia and explain why.
Record at least 2 facts.
Opening: "Come to Georgia" Video

Work Session: ~ Georgia Traveler
~ Video Logs

Closing: "Daily Life in Georgia" Video
Georgia Traveler Rules
1) Read alone
2) Answer your questions as a group

(everyone's answers must be the same)
3) Select a traveler
4) Travelers give information first
5) Only one group member gives the traveler
their information
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