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No description

Ewa Pitcher

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of sharvath

GOOD ADVICE This is a story about a boy who takes good advice from a old man and how it helps him. The boy's family is very poor. so his parents say's to go to work. The boy work's at a farm and he get's a silver coin. After that he will be on his way to his house.In his way he meet's a old man. He give's his silver coin and take's an advice. After he goes to home and his parents gets angry and sends him to work again. It happens 2 more times. He gives the silver coin again to the old man for an advice. Now he cannot go to home. So he goes to a castle. He remembers the old man advice that where ever you go do what others do. There was a king and he has a daughter. his daughter did not laugh for many years. So the boy took a broom stick and did how the solders did. The king's daughter laugh by seeing it. so the king married his daughter to the boy. SO on that night he remembered the advice that old man said. if you are a married man be on your guard. so the boy was awake and suddenly he saw a giant snake trying to kill him. so he jumped up the bed and took a sward and killed the snake. After that they lived happily together.
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