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Star Trek

No description

Erika Klein

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Star Trek

Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Trek Franchise Innovative Television Trekkies Vision of the Future Resistance Is Futile American Science Fiction Follows the adventures of a space crew aboard a star ship
Premise is to "explore & seek out new life" which adds degrees of complexity & controversy
Compelling & endearing ensemble cast
Plots are constructed as character & story arcs told over multiple episodes
Perspective is that of 'Star Fleet' & is character driven
Set design & costumes were high calibre, intricate & elaborate, even the Enterprise itself was a character American Sci-Fi At the height of the show's popularity, the universe faced a new enemy 'The Borg'
Part organic, part cyborg, the species wielded immense power as a collective, operating with one mind & directive
Assimilation was forced onto every planet & species
Focused on issues like individuality & genocide
Popular storyline became the basis for feature film & fans flocked to theatres to find out how it was going to end Created By Gene Roddenberry Created 21 years after the original Star Trek Series Premiered in 1987 to 27 million viewers High quality computerized special effects
The show leaped ahead of its predecessor successfully representing the 24th century
Authentically showcased new age technologies & sci-fi concepts
The show encaptured space exploration & featured whole new languages, galaxies & lifeforms Universal Storytelling Patrick Stewart Show ran for 7 years & was the most popular syndicated program 17 years after its cancellation Critically acclaimed series led to 2 spin off shows & 4 feature films Star fleet is a part of the United Federation of Planets
Encompasses cultural pluralism & avoids divisions
Adapts a humanist ideology based on egalitarianism, freedom & self determination
Episodes transcended issues like race & gender and addressed political, philosophical & sociological issues One of the most culturally infleuntial tv shows
Brought the entire genre of sci-fi into a new era
Set ratings history
Adult male demographic also included audiences from all backgrounds
Earned 18 Emmy Awards & rated one of the best programs of all time
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