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solar panels

No description

Queen Abobo

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of solar panels

S lar Panels Korea 655 MW Belgium 803MW 900 MW China 1025 MW France Czech Rep. 2000 MW 2528 MW United States of America 3484 MW Italy 3600 MW Japan Germany 17200 MW Which Country produces more energy l OUR Who or what is affected? According to BBC, ecologist
Bruce Robertson said that:
“It is one of the most dangerous
phenomenon of the nature”. 17.000 times more
power that dioxide. How big is the problem? Hong Kong One of the biggest cities in the world which produces 900 MW and consume a lot more. CONCLUSION Countries which PRODUCES less energy are those that CONSUME much more energy THE U.S INDIA CHINA UKRAINE CANADA ITALY THAILAND GERMANY STARTING TO BUILD SOLAR PANELS SOLUTIONS ARE ... S o u : n o i t Why hasn't it worked
much Because an advanced
tecnology and money it and make it, you need... use to Why
is your
solution in effect already not before haven´t had an advanced tecnology and because to have you need
much money. Because everybody OUR P
R SOLAR PANELS At home A SOLAR PANEL WHAT is A SOLAR PANEL is an interconnected congregation of photovoltaic or solar cells that can be used to capture energy from the sun to be used as electricity BENEFITS Save on electricity Even if you do not amass enough sunlight to cover for all your electric needs you can still collect enough to considerably decrease what you use. The more solar panels you install the more energy it can gather. Environment friendly There are many ways to create energy. And one way is by burning fuel. The disadvantage here is that fuel emits a by-product that is harmful to the environment. You would be doing mother earth a favor by using alternative energy sources such as solar energy. One time installation – a lifetime of savings Unlike electricity where you regularly have to pay the bills, you only need to spend once with solar energy. Solar panels do not come cheap. But you only have to buy them once. The moment they are installed you can enjoy “free” energy for as long as you want. Sets a good example There are climate changes happening all over the globe. There are earthquakes, tsunamis and floods occurring in different countries. At least in a small way we are helping save Mother Earth. In this way we can show other people that we can help save nature where we are. IN OUR BEDROOMS...
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