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Staff Meeting Presentation_BTOP

Freedom Rings Partnership - UAC

meg paszko

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Staff Meeting Presentation_BTOP

To shrink the Digital Divide in Philadelphia. 100% Complete - Training Participant Goal of 15,000 Developed Successful Partnerships across Philadelphia 100% Complete - Training Participant Goal of 15,000 CITY OF Philadelphia Office of
Information Technology Comcast WILCO Electronic Systems Local
Businesses Government Comcast Service
Providers Media Mobilizing Project Philadelphia FIGHT People's Emergency Center ODAAT YOACAP Research
Philadelphia Housing
Authority Drexel University Rutgers University New American
Foundation Individuals What we plan to do. What we do: Who we are: ________ Why we're here: Who we are. BTOP TEAM 100% Complete Participation Goal Managed a city-wide Partnership Got the word out. What we've accomplished: What we plan to do: What we do differently: Kate Rivera - Project Director - 1 Year Regina Ennis - Administrative Assistant - 2 Years Meg Paszko - Data Analyst - 4 Mos. Frank Distefano - Project Accountant - 2 Years Administer $17.4 million, 3-year BTOP Grant What we do differently. City-Wide Collaboration What we've accomplished. UAC - BTOP Stimulus Funding and Federal Oversight Peer-To-Peer support and Education Sustainability: Community Planning & Funding Quality: Reach ALL Performance Goals Early Show Partnership Success and Report on Programmatic Results Manage Partners Arun Prabhakaran - Gov. Relations and Strategic Partnerships - 3.5 years THANK YOU. Why we're here and
BTOP GRANTEE Parks & Rec Inclusion: Promote low-cost internet options Quality: Focus on data/evaluation -Actual -Grant Deliverable
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