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A Noiseless Patient Spider

No description

Hannah Smith

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of A Noiseless Patient Spider

A Noiseless Patient Spider
The tone of this poem is very lonely and dark. The theme depicts the difficulty of human life, and how hopeless it can seem.
Imagery is very common in Walt Whitman poem "A Noiseless Spider"
Figurative Language
Whitman uses various imagery to symbolize how the speaker feels and he (Whitman) is represented as the spider and if the spider is the speakers soul, then the surrounding is the universe.
In my opinion the mood of the poem is desperate, lonely, and helpless but at the same time is hopeful to because of the spider's(speaker) determination to find a connection with someone .

Walt Whitman
The first example is in the first line of the poem "A noiseless patient spider". To me it gives an image of a motionless spider, alone and isolated with no signs of life.
To me it symbolizes that the speaker feels alone in the world and he's stuck doing the same thing for the rest of his life.
The second example is " the vacant vast surrounding"(Alliteration). It hints at the speaker's doubt in the meaning of life.
So basically what I think Whitman is saying is that if the universe is empty and there are no other souls (people) to connect to then what is the purpose of "tirelessly speeding them" on?
Another example is "surrounded, detached, in measureless oceans of space".
To me it is an reference to the spider and the speaker. Both the spider and the speaker are incapable of finding anything meaningful in the universe, but they keep trying with that it will change.
For example " measureless oceans of space" emphasizes the loneliness that the speaker feels
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