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Unit 2 Tourism & Conservation

No description

Felix Zhang

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Unit 2 Tourism & Conservation

Roadmap Unit 2 tourism and conservation what do U know about tourism
Conservation ? what you have learned in this unit? 2.1.1 Your travel experience
(Speaking) Lesson 2.1 wish you were here? 2.2.1 Conservation Vocabulary Lesson 2.2 The Galapagos island-conservation grammar: articles;
modal verbs Grammar & writing skills 2.1.2 Travel collocations
(Vocabulary) 2.1.3 Holiday Brochures
(Reading) 2.2.3 Issues in tourism and conservation (Listening) 2.2.2 Tourist spot website (Reading) writing skills: essay structure;
a problem-solving essay Lesson 2.1 Wish you were here? Do you like traveling? Why or why not? Your personal travel experience What places have you been traveling to? How do you plan you travels? Lesson 2.1 Wish you were here? travel collocations ancient
baking deal
excursions Can you match the collocations to the correct category? Can you think of other collocations for each category? Lesson 2.1 wish you were here? Reading task 1: read for travel vocabulary (Activity 3a) task 2: match the brochure entries to the holiday types

Do you these holiday types?

Can you think of any other types of holiday? task 3: Match the travel brochures to their target customers 2 4 Before we finish Lesson 2.1 what do you think is the relationship between tourism and conservation? up-coming assignments and test & final exam Nov. 16th summary writing (15%) Nov. 26-30th in-class listening test
(10%) Dec. 3-7th Individual speaking assessment
(15%) Final exam graph description (5') grammar (5') vocabulary (cloze) (all 5 units) reading comprehension (longer articles) writing (summary, ...) grammar: cohesion (linkers) Cohesion is the grammatical and lexical relationship within a text or sentence. Cohesion can be defined as the links that hold a text together and give it meaning. By the end of this discussion, you should know:
Major categories of linkers?
How linkers are used?

Sentences vs. clauses Grammar: cohesion (linkers) Get to know health care or medical care system in USA through a documentary SiCKO

2.1 get to the film maker-Michael Moore (Speaking activity 1 on P40)

2.2 get to the documentary: SiCKO
Listening activity: Sicko Trailer
Review of SiCKO (textbook P40)
Listening activity: SiCKO clip (10 min) Sub-theme 2: health care or medical care system in USA Group work
Task 1: Please find the correct explanations for the vocabulary on health care
Task 2: Please put them into different categories:
Category 1: practitioners
Category 2: places
Category 3: verb phrases
Category 4: problems in health care system
Category 5: care & medicine
3. Task 3; dictation Sub-theme 1: terminology in health care or medical care system 4. My family attended my graduation

My tutor came too 3. there aren’t enough people at the meeting

We can’t take any votes 2. Cuba is a relatively poor country

It makes sense for its government to focus on prevention as this is cheaper 1. the Americans spend the most on healthcare

they don’t have the world’s best system main clause + ; + conjunctive adverb + , + main clause. How to use linkers? Sub-theme 3: compare the health/medical care system in USA & Cuba
Reading Sub-theme 2: health care or medical care system in USA
Speaking/Listening Sub-theme 1: terminology in health care or medical care system
Vocabulary Central theme: health care or medical care system Roadmap of lesson 4.2
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