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Tina Laursen

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Scotland

Fun facts!
Scotland and England
Scotland is a part of The United Kingdom
The United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland (the south of Ireland is now independent)
You can say that there are four countries within one country; the UK
Another term often used is Great Britain, This term covers England, Wales and Scotland all together.

Scotland is "divided" in to three major areas;
The highlands
are dominated by mountain ranges.The highlands are the holder of Great Britain's tallest mountain; Ben Nevis (1344 m). There are more than 300 lakes in the mountain ranges; the lakes are called Lochs.
The Central Lowlands
is placed in the middle of North- and Southern highlands. Edinburgh and Glasgow are placed here.
The Southern Upland
s stretches from the English boarder to South Edinburgh. The area are dominated by hills and valleys.

Scotland's highland with mountains and Lochs
Scotland's beautiful landscape invites for hiking!
There are several walking tails around the country. They can last anything from 1 day to 20.
Facts of Scotland
5.2 inhabitants
75% of the population lives in the Central Lowlands
Biggest city:
: English (and Gaelic)
: Christianity; protestant and Roman-catholic
Scotland is placed on the north top of England
The Kilt
One of Scotlands trademarks is the kilt.
The okilt originated in the Scottish highlands in the 16th century as a 5 meter long piece of fabric. It covered both upper and lover body, and was held together by a belt.
It was used as clothing during day and as a plaid for warmth in the night.
The design have evolved during the years. It became "a skirt", as we know it today, in the mid 18th century.
Today's kilt
Loch Ness
The Gaelic Language
Was brought to Scotland by Celtic tribes around year 500 B.C (*Before Christ)
Mostly widespread in the Scottish Highland
Daily spoken by 60,000 Scotchmen/women
250,000 Scotchmen/women understands it
The pride of being Scottish has its roots in the Gaelic language
Scotland is placed between two great oceans; The Northsea to the east and The Atlantic Ocean to the north and west.
Scotland is home to almost 800 small islands.
Highest mountain: Ben Nevis, 1344 m.
Largest loch: Loch Lomond 56 sq km.
A Loch in the mountains.
Nessie, where are you hiding?
Today the kilt is mostly worn at formal occasions.
Loch Ness is the second largest loch in Scotland. (Loch Lomond is the largest)
The loch is placed in The Scottich Highland
The tales goes that there is a "Loch Ness Monste" living in there
Loch Ness is a big turist attraction, this because of the "monster," good fishing opportunities and the beautiful landscape surrounding it.

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