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The Elemets of Fiction :the initiation by Sylvia plath

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zainab kay

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of The Elemets of Fiction :the initiation by Sylvia plath

Elements of Fiction :The Initiation
by : Sylvia Plath Character Themes Plot Chart Setting Conflict Point Of View Young adults always feel pressure from their peers to change or be just like them. Taking a firm stand as an individual in a state of pressure is important for the young adults to experience.
Be yourself. Basement room of Betsy Johnson's house.
Lansing High school
The Bus The overall conflict of this story is that there was a girl wanted to belong to a school sorority in which will make her leave her friend ,change her attitude,and abide by someone else`s rules the whole time.In the mean time she`ll have to choose between her sanity and social status.

*man vs man
*man vs himself
*man vs.society This story is told from third persons point of view. (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr Millicent
Beverly Johnson
Tracy B Millicent went to Beverly`s house and was taking orders from her as though she was a servant. On the way to school ;as part of the initiation Beverly gave Millicent unreasonable circumstances in which she had to follow in front of everyone no matter how humiliating it would be. Millicent gets egg splattered on her head and locked in Betsy Johnson`s basement. this which her initiation haze (ritual) in which she passed an became an elect.Tracy feels that it will be different between them now that Millicent has gotten voted in and Tracy did not. On a bus ride to Lewiston Beverly orders Millicent to go up and down the isles of the bus and ask people what they had for breakfast in which is apart of being initiated into the sorority. While proceeding on with this task she meets a small young business man that tells her information that she can relate to at the moment while going through the initiation.this makes her realize a lot and changes her perspective on wanting to be initiated. Millicent realizes that there is other ways to being noticed and having fun,also keeping her best friend Tracy.Finally she decides not to join the sorority and remain friends with everybody/sisters with everybody.
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