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Lily Janey

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Allegiant

My Opinion
I really liked this book until the last fifty pages. I can understand why the author decided to end it the way that she did, but even writing about the themes and plot for this book project made me sad. I loved the different points of view of the story and was surprised by the plot twists and turns that happened. It was overall worth reading and the underlying themes of the book were very thought provoking.
Plot Summary
Evelyn Eaton appoints herself leader of the city after taking over Erudite headquarters
Tris is kidnapped by Allegiant (a group who are against Evelyn and want to restore the factions) and is invited to a meeting that night
Tris and a group of Allegiant
, Peter, Christina
, Tobia
s, Uriah, Cara, Caleb, and Peter)go outside the gates; they escape the city but Tori dies on the way out
After escaping the city, the group is met by Zoe and Armar and are taken to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare
At the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, David (the leader) explains that the city was really an experiment made to heal damaged genes
Tobias and Tris have their genes tested and Tris has pure genes but Tobias has damaged genes
Tobias joins a group that doesn't believe in genetic damage and intends to prove that both genetic damaged and healed people are the same
The group that Tobias joined group attacks the Bureau and injures Uriah severly as well as many others
By Veronica Roth
Lily Janey
Time: Some point in the distant future; no exact date is set
Place: Chicago, Illinois, but much more desolate and worn out than it is today. Most of the buildings that are not used by the factions are broken down and run over by the factionless (people who don't fit into factions). The other destination where the story takes place is outside the city, in the Bureau. The Bureau is in an old airport that was turned into a facility to run
experiments on Genetics. Inside the Bureau it's very clean and austere, but outside the Bureau is the fringe, where many people run wild, without laws or police officers to discipline them.
In Chicago, the society is set up in a faction system. There are five factions: Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, Erudite, and Candor. Each one of these factions has a sector of Chicago where the people of that faction live.

Veronica Roth
Veronica was educated for one year at Minnesota's Carleton College and then transferred to Northwestern where she graduated from the University's prestigious writing program
Veronica is a Christian and is interested in things like Theology, Psychology, and of course Writing.
is the third book in a series called
, and all three books are New York Times Best Sellers list.
Veronica has won 2 Best Goodreads awards for the

sold half a million copies on the first day of publishing, outnumbering

The Hunger Games
Veronica grew up in Barrington, Illinois (near Chicago), and has been writing even since she became too old to pretend play (sixth

All of the factions represent character traits that they believe are what makes a perfect society, and when a person turns sixteen, he or she goes through a test called the aptitude test, where it tells them what faction fits them best. In the first book one of the factions tried to take over all of the other factions. In the second book the truth was revealed about the city which is that there are other people outside of it, as well as that they were all put in it for a specific reason.

is about finding out out why they were put in Chicago.
Because of the disruption of the faction system in the first and second books,
everyone in the story has their emotions running high because of all the new truths that have been revealed to them. The
environment is very stressful and new, and because these people are so used to their own way of life finding out that it was all a shame unerves many of them
There are several main characters in this story.
Evelyn Eaton: Tobias' mother and Marcus' wife. She faked her own death and abandoned Tobias when he was young, leaving him with his abusive father. She runs the Factionless and therefore, most of the city.
Marcus Eaton: Tobias' father who was abusive to him as a child and also one of the head leaders in Abnegation, as well as the group called Allegiant.
Caleb: Tris' brother who chose Erudite during the choosing ceremony and then betrayed his family when the Erudite tried to take over.
Tobias Eaton
Tobias Eaton is one of the two narrators in
Tobias comes from a broken home, where his Father was abusive and his mother faked her own death so that she could escape her husband. Because of this, when Tobias turned sixteen, he chose dauntless, probably because he felt vulnerable and helpless as a result of his abusive childhood. During this story he is eighteen.
Tobias' motivations change throughout the series, but in
it becomes clear that his main motivation is to protect Tris, which is why he makes some rash decisions. He is also motivated by revenge against his parents and deserving Tris as a girlfriend.
Tobias' interests are mainly in how to overcome his own fears, as well as the security of the Bureau and how genetically damaged people are defined and treated in society.
Tobias is a leader; he is stubborn, loyal, brave, naive, sweet, kind, relentless, strong, curious, simple minded, committed, and aspires to become a better, balanced person.
I chose Theo James
as the best possible
actor to play Tobias
Eaton because he is
the same in stature
and appearance. Tobias has deep set blue eyes, long lashes, a scar on his chin, and short brown hair.
Tris is the other Narrator in

Tris' real name is Beatrice, but when she switched from Abnegation to Dauntless she changed her name. Tris' father was an abnegation leader, and she always felt that she didn't belong in Abnegation because she thought that she couldn't really be selfless like she was suppose to.
Tris' motivations throughout the book are to find out more about her mother and what her motivations were for coming into Chicago. Tris is also motivated to protect herself for Tobias and to help heal him from his broken childhood.
Tris is selfless, brave, regretful, humble, fearsome, admirable, sometimes unstable, smart, discerning, confident, and loving.
Tris' interest are similar to her motivations; she is interested in finding out more about her mother, as well as about the outside world. She is interested in what defines a genetically damaged person and why the experiments are run that way they are.
The actor that I chose for Tris is Shailene Woodley because she has a similar appearance. Tris has dull blond hair, a narrow face, large wide round eyes, a long thin nose and green eyes like her mom.
Plot Summary Continuation
Tris is offered a position at the Bureau where she finds out that David is going to erase the memories of everybody that lives in Chicago in order to maintain the experiment (which is becoming more and more violent and uncontrolable)
Tris assembles a group to stop David, where Caleb volunteers to complete a suicide mission in order to erase
the memory of
everyone in the Bureau while Christina, Tobias,
Peter, and
Armar go inside the city to give the memory
serum vaccine to
their loved ones
Tobias has to give one of his parents the
serum so
that they will stop the civil war that is about
start. When he
asks his mom to not take the serum and instead
start anew
with him, she accepts and surrenders.
Tris doesn't let Caleb do the suicide mission and
she enters
the weapons lab instead, where David shoots her as she is releasing the memory serum. After it is released, she dies
Tobias becomes depressed because Tris died, but over the course of two years he gets over it, and he and his mom start a new relationship in Chicago where there is no difference from genetically damaged and pure.
Theme #1
One theme in
is that when a person is willing to lay down their life for their friends, they are worthy of the love and sacrifice that their friends have shown to them and have preformed the greatest act of love.
This theme is shown throughout the entire series, but the most prominent example of this theme in
is when Tris was willing to sacrifice herself for her brother Caleb (who betrayed her and almost killed her in
) because she finally understood who she was and why everyone around her was willing to do this for her, and she knew that she needed to preform this act of love and save her brother, even though it meant her death in the end.
Theme #2
Another theme in
is that the only way to live to the fullest is to forgive others because you can't change them or the past, you can only change yourself.
This theme is evident in many instances. The most important instance where it is evident is when Tris goes into the weapons lab instead of Caleb and sacrifices herself. Right before she goes on this suicide mission, she tells Caleb that she loves him, even though he was willing to go through with a plan to kill her. She chooses forgiveness instead of bitterness, she says I love you instead of good riddance. Instead of delivering him to his own execution, like he did for her, she took the burden upon herself.
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