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The Real Story of Mulan

No description

Mari Rathke

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of The Real Story of Mulan

The Theories Legend vs. Movie The Real Story a legendary figure from the "Ballad of Mulan" Time Period Surnames Place of Origin 581 to 818 during Sui Dynasty
386 to 534 during Northern Wei Dynasty
around 600 AD during Tang Dyansty Wan County in Hebei
Shangqui Province in Henan
native of Liang prefecture in Gansu
Mu Hua Mulan
has a brother that is too young to fight
uses father's name Li
never discovered as a female in war
fought for 12 years
practiced martial arts, arhery, equitation, and fencing
taught embroidery and weaving Fa Mulan
brother was never mentioned
Uses the name Ping
discovered as a female during war
clumsy wanted to protect her father
is successful in war
receives high honor from emperor
declines an offer to be the emperor's advisor
asks to return to her family instead
loyalty to country
filial piety Legend Movie How it is Significant Today... inspiration for poetry, essays, operas, and paintings taught in every Chinese school textbook
teaches filial piety and loyalty inspires girls across china that if you love enough and have enough courage, you can accomplish anything no matter how impossible it might seem to others one of the first stories to teach gender equality Long ago, somewhere along the Central Plains, there was a girl named Mulan. One day, she sat at her loom weaving cloth. Her mother then came up to her and noticed she was troubled. Mulan was troubled because there were news of a war, and the emperor was calling for troops. Each family had to send one man representative to the army. Mulan's father was a retired famous general. However, he was too old to fight, but too honorable not to go. Mulan decided to take her father's place because he was too old and her baby brother was too young. She bought a horse and a saddle, took her father's armor, and left hom disguised as a man. Mulan fought for up to twelve years disguised as a man. She watched hundreds of other men die, but kept fighting because she knew her father was safe at home. When the war was over, she returned to the emperor. Her great skill and courage earned her the rank of being a general. The emperor was going to grant her and award and give her a job at the High Palace, but all she wanted was to return home to her family. The emperor granted her wish and she soon returned to her family. When she returned, her family had prepared a big meal for her homecoming, but all they saw was a brave male general. They did not even recognize their own daughter. Soon after her return home she redressed herself as a woman, and not long after some of Mulan's friends that had served with her came to visit. They were amazed that they fought all those years next to a beautiful woman. The Legend
of Mulan Based on the poem the Ballad of Mulan The Real Story of By: Mari & Jack
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